Monday, 31 December 2012

Au Revoir 2012

This would be my last post for 2012. Wow, just saying it out loud makes my tummy nervous. How time flies, feels like it was just yesterday I created this blog in January 2012 :) I had big dreams, to update my blog with all my travel posts but time has always been so tight and I am a lazy bum most of the time hehe I will improve inshaAllah! :P I learn so many things from this amazing year and time management would definitely be the biggest lesson next to money management! I feel that this New Year's Eve is a lil bit different, I feel older and a bit more matured. Experience is definitely the best teacher and I am greatly grateful to Him for granting me these unforgettable experiences.

For those who know me, they know how sentimental I am. I love to take pictures, to be in pictures and to look at pictures over and over again, even if it was taken like a century ago :P I love taking videos too, soaking up the memories as much as I could! One of my bestfriend said that I am a bit of a freak because I always want to show pictures in my fb or my phone to others when I am in the mood :P Well, that's one thing about me hihi So I think, I should make a special post just with my favourite pictures in it so that I could see them all in one page :) And the best part is, I could share those pictures with you too!

Since today is the last day of 2012, I should definitely make like a Top 12 unforgettable moments kindda post. So here goes! :)



1. First time in Paris
   One thing about me, I love France and everything about it. I love the language, I love the croissants, the musics, the sceneries, I could go on forever!! hahah It's like a dream come true to get the opportunity to leave my footsteps there :')

2.Travelling Around Italy
    Being in Italy with friends, for almost 2 weeks = TONS of memories and photos! I love to look back at these photos when I have nothing to do 

3. Cyi n Tih's Wedding and first time in Kelantan
    I remember being very happy and hyper for these lovebirds on their wedding day! They truly are perfect for each other :') As for Kelantan, I must say, that's prolly one of my favourite places in Malaysia mainly cuz the foods and language hehe Weddings are my favourite :)

4. Backpacking to Phi Phi Island 
    First time crossing the Malaysian border with my awesome uncle and aunties! I learned how to actually travel light backpackers style from them!

5. Eid with Family and Bestfriends
   Aidilfitri 2012 was different from the previous year. Being home for summer break after about 10 months abroad made me appreciate every ticking second on the clock. I finally realize the true value of having a lovely family and cool bestfriends, I am so grateful to have them all! They are all the better versions of me. 

 There will never be a moment without laughter when I am with these people. They are my life! :) Love love love!


6. First time meeting Rania Zara and spending time with her lovely family!
    I remember feeling VERY nervous before meeting Rania for the first time! hahah I've been following her updates since the beginning and it feels almost like a dream to actually see her cheeky smile before my eyes! She is the prettiest baby I've ever met :') I just hope she won't forget me cuz I wanna be bestfriends with her <3

Lovely girl!

Kak Yana's birthday dinner! Miss these moments with them, I really love this family :)
    This is the first family other than my biological one that I've grown very attached to and I am so grateful to have the chance to be their lil sister since I have always wonder how it feels like to have elder brothers and sisters. Love you guys so much! 

7. Yosenabe time
   Yosenabe is the only restaurant my family and I stick to my entire 20 years of life! We will definitely go there at least once a year (at most countless times in a year) :P It's a steamboat kind of place but it has a special touch to it since we keep it a ritual to go there every year. I've grown to know the owners so well that I even called her before leaving to Ireland! We are considered family I guess hihi So lucky I get to go there during my summer break <3

8. Breaking Dawn part 2 finally in theatres 
    One of my happy days :') 

Sayonara Twilight Saga, it's been a pleasure growing up with you :) Team Edward forever!

9. Moved into a new house
  More space for me to move around and it feel more homey! Just what I needed :)

10. Enjoyed Amazing Foods All Year Through!
   I love to spend on good food (just whenever I have extra money)! The good food spikes would prolly be during my summer break in Malaysia and when I go to vacations hihi Happy tummy makes a happy me :)

... and more!

11. Getting a S3 as my birthday present from my lovely family and bestfriends 
    Never in my wildest dream I ever thought I could ever get a phone, let alone a smartphone for my birthday! This is the first phone that I didn't buy myself :') Thanks to my bestfriend, he arranged and get everyone together to make this happen. Thanks a million guys! You know who you are :) I bring it everywhere and I use it for everything even as a mirror! hihihi 

12. Wrapping up 2012 with a long holiday in London
       My bestfriends and I were in London from 19th December til 30th December. Yep I know, that's damn long for a holiday hihihi A whole saga about my trip to London will be posted next year, inshaAllah (macam la lama sgt next year tu) :P It was my second time there and alhamdulillah we did more stuff than our last visit! 


Writing this blog makes me look back and smile at the opportunities Allah has given me. Opportunity to have a loving family, awesome bestfriends and endless sustenance. May my new year be filled with gratitude to keep me grounded, unconditional love from my family and friends and a more meaningful life as a Muslim. InshaAllah, after all life is nothing but a dream. So, enjoy while it lasts and don't forget to keep on trying to work for our after-life. 

It's less than an hour till midnight! I should prolly stop now. See you guys next year :P hihi Take care!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! xoxo

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bitter-sweet Moments

I've been having this urge to blog these past few weeks but I just couldn't think of anything interesting to talk about. But today felt a lil different. I woke up feeling like 'Hey, today's the day'. Maybe this one would be kind of a personal post about what has been happening in my life lately. Just for memories sake, something for me to look back when I am like 50 years old or something, insyaAllah :P 

                        People say, forgive and forget. 

                                                                    To me, it is easier said than done.

I was in a very bad shape exactly two months ago. I remember asking my friend will I ever get over this thing I was in. Now, I gotta say, so far so good :) However, from time to time, I get these waves of regret, embarrassment and episodic periods of uncontrollable emotions. Tears come and go, heart aches too hard I couldn't breathe sometimes. Over the frame of these two months, I learned to pick myself up, clear my head focus on the people who loves me. Earlier during that period, I often became sceptical and very careful with what I say or do because I want to please people, I want to be loved by everyone. Somehow doing that made me lose myself, so I improvised. I learned to be more flexible, love myself first and appreciate the personalities I have because only then, I realized that there are so many people around me, loving me even when I am being my silly self :) Thanks to my wonderful friends and family, I feel more like myself now in a very long time.

Being away from everything familiar during that difficult part of my life, I just had to be tough. I had to take care of myself. Somehow that helped a lot too. Being in Cork with my bestfriends, studying, meeting new people and stuff, got me occupied. Took my mind off of it for a lil while. The hardest part was getting into bed. When the lights were turned off and all I could hear was just my heartbeats. I am the kind of person whom often get too emotional when I reminisce about something hihi Silly me. :P But then again, eventually, things get old. I can't let myself get stuck in that situation for too long, I love myself too much to allow it.

A month from now, I'll be having my first exam in medicine second year! Gotta step it up, nerdy mode on! :) I am learning about Neuroanatomy currently. It is really interesting, really really! I am so excited to learn how the brain works so that I could find an explanation about my over-active emotional side haha Then I found out that, the memory part in the brain is connected to the emotion part and their sizes differ from an individual to another. So, whenever I remember something, like a song that has memories attached to it, my brain will trigger that particular part storing that particular memories and send signals to my emotion part, hence the tears. Once I knew that, I train myself to be less emotional to anything that could make me sad or cry because now I know that's just my brain trying to do their job :P Someone wise once said 'Tu perasaan cik kak, perasaan boleh kawal' hahah

People move on, people come and go but never take for granted the ones that has potential to stay in your live for a long time. Some friends are truly heaven sent. They'll do anything to lighten up your day. Familywise, in my opinion they should always come first, before anyone else. Remember, remember, remember! :) However, the number one healer of hearts is God. No matter how hard you tried to heal your heart, if you don't have faith that God is the one holding your heart, He is the one to make you feel better, there's no use. You will relapse eventually. Only God's love could help us be stronger each and everyday. 

Amazingly, when you let go of the things that has been holding you back, you'll feel good. I had a rough time before the good times come. Well, it's always darkest before the dawn right? :) Not just that, you start to get new chances to make new memories, you will have more space in your heart to love again, you appreciate more, you'll just simply feel good. So, I am thankful to the bitter-sweet event two months ago and the precious memories prior to that, for making me become more myself, separating what I want from what I need and move on with my life.

I hope I helped someone with this post. 
Wallahualam :)

On the fun side, I have a few movies to reccommend!!
You guys should really watch these 

    * 29 februari 
    * Aku, Dia dan Tong Sampah 
    * Sinister
    * The Possesion
Till then, much love from me to ya! xoxo

P/S: SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO MY LOVELY FAMILY & BESTFRIENDS!! Thanks for the s3!!! I bring it everywhere, use it all the time and love it like its my baby! 

Awesome people : Mama, Apit, Kak Yana, Kak Farra, Abg Amir, Belly, Biha! :D

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The day I had my first with Eiffel Tower

Salam and hello everyone! Good day isn't it? I am currently watching Tayo Tayo on one of the disney channels while listening to Jason Mraz's LOVE album. Such a perfect day for a post about Paris :) Jason reminds me a lot about Paris cuz I listened to him everyday when I was there.

Today I'm gonna share about my second day in Paris. I learned a few tricks so hopefully now I could help others have better experience and make full use of their time there! Its gonna be all over the post though, please bare with me hihi

We stayed in a hostel quite close to the Bry-Sur-Marne Metro station on our first day there. I couldn't recall the name of that place but if anyone needs the information, I'll dig my emails k! :) Just let me know.  The price is very reasonable with the room's condition. I'll rate it hmmm maybe 4/5 hihi The metro ticket from our place (which is in zone 4) to Champs-De-Mars (wayyy up there in zone 1) doesn't cost that much, below 10euro to&fro, perhaps :S hehe I am not sure about that.

So here comes the picture part, my favourite! I love telling stories based on pictures :)

We were on the train when we first saw the amazing Eiffel Tower :') It was breathtaking, really! 

If you are taking the metro to get go to the Eiffel Tower, you could stop at Bir-Hakeim

So excited to see a cafe named after the Eiffel

WE ARE NEAR! Eiffel is just around the corner!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Greetings from Malaysia

Assalamuakaikum and hi everyone!

WOWW! I can't believe how long it has been since my last post!! So much for my vow of undivided commitment for this blog :P I've been very busy since the last post and I kept on delaying and procrastinating eventhough my head is overflowing with ideas hihi Now that I have a moment to sit and write something, might as well grab it!

How is everyone doing? Thanks a million for those who just followed my humble blog, I'll be visiting your blogs soon for a return! I am currently spending my summer break in Malaysia. It feels so good to be home, to get to be with my family and friends all the time :') Alhamdulillah, all praise is for Allah !

Who have been to Kelantan?? Put your hands up! hihi :D Kelantan rocks! I was recently in Kelantan for my uncle's wedding,Bachok to be precise. It was my first time there and I LOVE IT! I'm saving the story for now because I think Kelantan deserves its own post! hehe My next post will still be about Paris. Here I am, so excited to have to write about so many experiences! hahah Stay tuned <3

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bonjour Paris

Hi Assalamualaikum everyone, 

Alhamdulillah I finally found time to post about my Paris trip :D But first, how is everyone doing? I personally want to welcome my new blogfriends to my blog! Thanks a million for spending your time to read my entries, hope they are useful to you in any ways. <3 

Being in Paris for the very first time in my life, breathing in France's air and listening to Parisian speaking in French (the language of love) made my heart beat a lil faster than how it used to hahah! I am a sucker for romance, so no wonder why I'd become so poetically romantic whenever I'm talking about the city of love :') I should get started with the story cuz I am certainly able to rant for hours if not stopped hihi

First day in Paris
The flight from Cork Airport to CDG, Paris Airport took less than 2 hours and cuz of the different time zone between Ireland and France, unfortunately we lost an hour when we arrived there. We bought Metro pass for two days and tickets for Louvre at the airport, so convenient right? :) The Metro pass includes trains, subways and buses which really helped us to move around Paris during our stay there

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

1st Year Medicine BBQ Party

Hi and Assalamualaikum

How is everyone doing? I am doing fine so far, alhamdulillah. It's spring time over here in Cork but errr the weather is still in winter mode :S It's 8 degree today and the brutal wind keeps on slamming my window every now and then. Sabar je la hehe 
Before I went for my vacation in Paris, my classmates and I had a BBQ Party to celebrate the end of our first year medicine in UCC! Woohooooo one year done! Well not just yet I must remind myself that :P Although the classes are finished but we still have to sit for our exams in May hahaha Anyways back to the party , just right after our OSCE exam, everyone was getting ready to party all night long :P 

My girls looking so excited to go to the party! Unfortunately, we were among the last ones to arrive at the party -,-'' but yet we enjoyed our pre-party in the disco cab! The cab has disco lights, hahaha so much fun! 

Less food for the late comers :'( sob sob sob My girls and I had to share the last 3 chicken wings together. The chicken wings were so good! Even the Irish complimented the BBQ chicken prepared by the Malaysians.  Some of them even said maybe cuz its halal hahahah but it was technically due to early marination. The chefs marinated the chickens 24 hours prior to the party. Mmmm just imagine how the juicy BBQ chicken would taste like. HEAVEN! muahahaha


This is Kieran, I didn't realise he's that tall o.O'


Girls, we just wanna have fun! Woop woop 

We had so much fun singing along to the music and just eat whatever was there to eat! hahah

My favourite gang, Kevin, Amy and Anna. I love them so much! :D

More photos! Hope u're not feeling nausea seeing me in every pictures just yet cuz there are more to come hahahah :P

Kevin took a picture of himself when he shud've taken our group photo -,-'

Now, that's more like it! hihi

There you go! Muka pinggan Fathin Solhi ^,^

On the way back, took a cab with Iman, Bell, Izhar, Te en and Syaimeee

Te en so cute!

What a fun night! Get to just forget about the books for awhile and have some good time together. Proves that us doctors-to-be partying still know how to have fun!! hahahah This totally needs a song and I know just the right one for it ;) 



Let's stay young at hearts ! :D Till then, take care all. xoxo

Monday, 2 April 2012


Hi and Assalamualaikum everyone! 

How is everyone doing? Do tell me about your updates.. Oh I see so many new friends followed my blog when I was on hiatus, thanks a million guys! I REALLY appreciate it, feels so good to have new friends like all of you :D Wish we could be good blogfriends from now on!

Wow I really miss writing on my blog, it has been a good one month since I last posted right? I was very busy with my exams in March, had to study night and day everyday till the last day of the exams. Now I realised that lack of sleep and entertainment are the price to pay for medicine exam season hahahah I feel like I did my best so now I am just gonna leave it in God's hands and hope for the best! *gulp* Please pray for me too dear friends :') I also went to 1st medicine BBQ party right after our last exam, it was so much fun! Bonding time with my classmates are one of my favourite things to do here. I love them all!

Actually I just came back from a short vacation to Paris. Me and some of my friends went there the day after our last exam which was the OSCE. OSCE basically is an exam in which I would have to demonstrate a first aid handling of emergency situations, take a medical history from a patient and do physical examinations too. Everything went smoothly as well, alhamdulillah! hihi Anyways, back to Paris! :D I must say that it was one of the best vacations I've ever been to and the fact that it was my first trip without having any seniors or family members with me made it even more special!

I learned so many new things while I was there, mainly about patience and friendship :) I'll be writing about the trip soon, maybe in 4 different posts cuz there are so much to say about that trip that one post just couldn't bare! hihi Till then, take care everybody! xoxo

Sneak peak for my Paris trip post ;)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy 29th February!

Hi everyone! 

Wow is it really happening? Are we really at the end of February already?? Felt like it was just a few days ago when I celebrated New Year's Eve with my friends :S How time flies... 

Anyway, I have been wanting to record this date in my blog since today comes only once every 4 years.. Such a special day especially for those who are having their birthday today. I'd like to wish a HAPPY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY to you! Leap year babies must be very patience people cuz they celebrate their birthday only a few times in their whole life.. So proud of you guys hihi  

Another important thing is that, I'll be away from Blogger for a few weeks starting from today cuz I have my exams coming soon! Gotta pump up my study speed A.S.A.P.. huuhu Please pray for me dear friends! I'll see you guys soon.. Take care all! XOXO

Add caption
p/s: Don't forget to say Alhamdulillah :)

UCC Goes Dancing

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope all of you had a wonderful day today :D I feel like updating my blog since earlier today don't know why. So, I am sneakily taking a chance in between my study times to share my memories of going to my first dance show recently! 

The dance show was at a small theatre in Cork, known as the "Everyman Palace Theatre". Frankly, when I first saw the theatre, my expectations were a bit crushed cause looking from the outside, the place doesn't look that fancy. However, I took back my words when I entered the building! It was not that bad at all, the interior design is so nice with all the red curtains, golden balcony and carved ceiling. For a minute, I felt as if was in an opera house :P hahaha

I went with a few friends that night. We were there to support my best friend Nabihah, she was involved in the show! How exciting right??? She is a very good dancer. She was in the cheer leading group back in KDU ;) Cool right! I really admire her dancing skill cause me myself, I love to dance! Okay this reminds me of a story. Let me tell you a brief story about Fathin Solhi who once dreamed to be a ballerina. :P The story goes like this.. Once upon a time, Fathin was really determined to take up a new skill - ballet. So she took classes for it. Gosh, everyone knew that she was really excited for it but *jeng jeng jeng* sadly the excitement was not there to stay. When she realized that ballet was much of a hardwork and pain was the price to pay, she decided to put that dream on hold just for awhile. And awhile has been taking a few months now :P Nevertheless, I still love dance! :D

The first part of the show was more like a competition. Basically every couple have to have one person who don't know how to dance. So, the dancer must teach their partners the routine in such limited time. It was so interesting to see cause it takes a lot of courage for someone who don't know how to dance to perform in front of a huge crowd!!! They were so brave that night. hihi The rest of the show was performances by UCC dance clubs which a few of them has Nabihah in it! These are a few pictures from that night :D

Me and the girls

The couples that were competing that night

Random photos of us!
Look at the picture above! Aina was holding a lipgloss that has mirror on it and it's lid has light coming out of it! That was my first time seeing such cool makeup tool. Very handy to be used during dinners ;)

'Orang Kuat' behind the dance club! Nabihah is in blue :D

 All in all, that was a very cool first experience to me! Hope I could get another chance to go to such event in the future :D

" Just just just DANCE! " - Lady Gaga

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Life is full of surprises!

Hi there, assalamualaikum :)

Lately I have been too busy to even update my baby blog but not anymore! I woke up this morning promising myself that I will make a new post today, REGARDLESS how busy I'll be. hihi Well, I have so many things going on around me that I wanna share today.

To begin with, I'll have my third module exam in 4 weeks time which is very very near already :S That's why I've been back and forth to the library whenever I am free. Studying at the library is really peaceful and it helps me focus 2x better! I still feel a bit nervous about this coming exam as my previous exam was very tough. Anyhow, I'll try to do even better this time. Pray for me please, dear friends <3

At Brookfield's Library

For those who knew me, they'll know that I hate to exercise but things are changing now. I went to the gym twice last week and I plan to make it a habit! I really love the facilities there, the machines are so huge. Well I never been to a gym before, perhaps every gym is just the same huh? hehe I love to feel my muscles working and especially the feeling after exercising. Ahh I felt so good after my gym session, as if my body is thanking me for doing it by pumping more and more blood to every cell in my body! haha Weird analogy I said there :P 

Aina, Me and Nell after our gym session!

Have you ever watched "Legend of the Guardians"?? I love the movie so much. I watched it back in 2010 and I just fell in love with the owls in it, especially the barn owls. I remember having them as my laptop's screensaver for a long time. They are the cutest thing alive! Who'd knew that after 2 years and in such random place, I would get the chance to be up close with them, the barn owls??? It was just like every other day in UCC main campus but, wait up, I spotted cuteness! It was the barn owl!! :O I get to hold it and touch it and even kiss it's head.. hihi Such a dream come true, Alhamdulillah!

I <3 Whisper

UCC Quad. Taken earlier in January :D

Another exciting thing happened recently in Malaysia, my family went to Kelantan to 'merisik' for my uncle. 'Merisik' is the first and foremost step that is required in marriage. So the guy's family will have to go to the girl's house to seek whether she is still available or not. Basically that's the purpose of merisik, it is a tradition in Malay's marriage. Back to my uncle, the 'merisik' part has been officially passed, So now, the girl is going to be my future auntie this July! Wedding, aahhh such an exciting event to come home to :D
This is just a quarter of my family! hihi 

As you know, I mentioned 'to come home to' earlier right? hihihi Well, I BOUGHT MY TICKET HOME TO MALAYSIA ALREADY, WEEEHOO! I am so excited for it! I tried searching for a cheaper ticket but unfortunately their method of payment requires a credit card or VISA. I don't have neither. Instead, I just have a Laser card which is not too bad cuz there is this one website that accepts Laser cards but yeah, the price is a BIT higher compared to the other websites.. *You can't have it all ey? :P * For those who are in search for flight tickets, these are some websites that offers cheap ones up for grabs! 

Life has been good so far, Alhamdulillah. I appreciate all the changes that is happening all around me cuz I know it's for the best! Living alone, for the first few months has been quite hard on me cuz all my life I've been living with my family or 20 mins away from them *that's the far I'd be from them hihi* Now I realized, living independently has its own beauty. Teaches me there's more to life and I need to learn to be happy with my own company. Plus, living here, far away from mama and papa, teaches me to love them more, to love my big family and friends more! I am just so thankful that I get to start learning about living independently here in Cork, the best place to start! Hope for more exciting life experiences ahead of me, insyaAllah :D  

Let us all improve ourselves to be better people and may all of us have an exciting life ahead of us!

Till then, take care.. 

“The only thing constant in life is change”

 - Francois de la Rouchefoucauld