Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bittersweet Day

Assalamualaikum everyone! :D 

WOW it has been a long long looong time since I last blogged! I miss my lugar feliz :'( I've been thinking about things to write here but couldn't find time to post some stuff. Maybe cause I have my end of module exams coming by real soon :S Well ermmm actually, my anatomy exam is going on tomorrow.. GULP! *hiding behind my palm* hihi InsyaAllah, Im having a study date with my bestfriend tonight, so while waiting for my study partner to get back from library, I decided to kidnap some time to feed my hunger for blogging!  Muaaahaha

You know how every song tells a story right? Well SOMETIMES in SOME songs, I can't really grab their stories *yeah I am that kind of people who likes to relate to songs -,-'* So lately a friend gave me youtube videos of cover of songs. Somehow, those covers made me understand the songs better! haha Let me share some songs I've been listening to over and over again all week long. Most of them are covers made by very talented singers <3 L.O.V.E them all! 

Song number 1 is a cover of Mario's I Don't Wanna Know by Florence! She is such a great and unique singer. Her version made me understand the meaning behind this song extra deep!

The next song is cover of Nikki Minaj's Super Bass by Karmin. I love the way she raps! Suddenly everything made sense LOL

Okay this one is the original version of the song ;P Love On Top by Beyonce! It's my current favourite dancing song, weeee~ Dancing songs help me to stay focus whenever studying hits my sleeping nerve :P 
I couldn't take my eyes off her!! I LOVE BEYONCE! Who doesn't love Beyonce??? TELL ME!

On top of everything that is going on, today, my heart is drastically reaching out for my besftriend, Shafeeq Hisyam :') Today is a very special day to him, it's his late mother's 50th birthday. 
I know I am not in any position to say that I understand how he feels right now cuz I am not in his shoes but I feel for him. He is a very strong guy. To be able to shed just a few tears on such day, to be able to contain himself very well and to talk about his mother in his blogpost, well, if that is not strength, enlighten me please.
In my thoughts, I picture Auntie Rohaya as a perfect, well rounded woman. I knew that she fought cancer till the end 4 years ago and still managed to be a loving and responsible mother of three throughout the period. I grew fonder each time when he told me stories about her mother :') In a way, he made me fall even more deeply in love with my own mother, I love you HANIZA MANSOR. I guess that's Allah's way to teach me to appreciate what I have now cause living without the person that loves you more than you love yourself, will surely sucks. Knowing Shafeeq for almost 3 years now, I look up to him as a strong person cause he was still young when Allah took his mama away :')
This one's for you dear auntie Rohaya, Happy Birthday! 
May we all meet in Jannah, one sweet day, inshaAllah. 

For you auntie..
I love the stories behind these verses :)

Your baby boy has grown to be a strong hearted man :) Despite the strength that he has, I know he still misses you so much every single day

Till then, xoxo!

"Nothing happens to you except in accordance with GOD's will. Anyone who believes in GOD, He will guide his heart. GOD is fully aware of all things."

Saturday, 14 January 2012

First time staying up alone this long = MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT!

Hi there, assalamualaikum!

How is everyone today? As for me, I am feeling very grand! :D I have been meaning to post an entry since earlier today cuz I kindda miss blogging :') So happy everytime I get to spend some 'bonding time' with my bloggie!

Well, I have been very very busy with studying these few days *should make it clear that this is a last minute studying* ;P I have a Clinical Practice, short answer exam on Monday morning. If you ask me what I'm feeling now, errr, OF COURSE I FEEL LIKE I'M SUCH A MESS! Worst than a train wreck! :S uhhh-hurmm *clearing throat while gaining conciousness* let's go a few days back...

On this particular day last week, I was still enjoying myself with back-to-back movies and tv shows. Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle n bla bla bla. haih, CURSE YOU GOOD INTERNET! :( Only God knows how easy my days was last week, mmmhmm.. Well snapping out of it, let me continue my story. So, I decided to start studying for the exam on last Thursday night. Only then, I realized that I HAVE LIKE A MILLION THINGS TO STUFF IN MY HEAD! :S Mayday mayday we are going down! But I wont give up, NEVERRR! hihi

For those who were wondering about the things that I'll be tested in this particular exam:
 - Cardiovascular Diseases
 - Cardiovascular Examination 
 - First Aid : Bleeding ( Hand, Scalp, Nose, Lower Limb)
 - Anaemia 
 - CPR
This time, the format is short answers. So I'll have to answer the questions in WORDS. Gulp! 

So me and my friends, Biha, Nell and Aina, planned a sleepover at Biha's and it went on for two days. We stayed up from 9pm till 5am the next day BUT still we couldn't finish everything! :( We did cover so many things but umm, sleepovers are not fun without 'extracurricular' stuff right? hehe So we cooked and we ate and we karaoke and we talked and we nappy :S LOL I couldn't believe what I'm saying! haha Anyways, those 2 days were so much fun, and alhamdulillah, we gained a lot together <3 Oh yaa, that friday night, the time moved so slow! Like seriously slow, everyone was talking about it. We guessed it was all from Allah, maybe He blessed us studying together like that :')

Then today is the day that we try to study alone, so that we could digest all the informations we have been gaining these few days. I slept earlier for 3 hours.Right after waking up I went to Kebabish to buy taco cheese chips and some fried chicken wings. Feels like tasting a bit of heaven in my mouth each and everytime hihi.. So I started my stay up session from around 12 am plus up till just now, 6.30am!! I did some notes about First Aid for Bleeding. When I checked the time, I was like OMG? I never thought I could go on like that! :') Maybe cuz of taco chips motivation and of course, Allah's will! Alhamdulillah.. Here are some photos to reward your undivided attention! :)

Instead of pictures of Edward Cullen , I put notes up just beside my bed. Ngee what a lonely Med student I am haha
My messy table
 First Aid book that I use
A very wordy book, too wordy for me!
Other notes x,x
Malu malu tucin hihi

Now I am finally ready to see my bed :') May Allah ease my coming CP exam and dear friends, please pray for me :) Jazzakillah!

Take care now, till then.. XOXO

Can't wait to skype with my bestfriend Shafeeq, he is coming home from Langkawi today! I miss him so much, have a safe flight dear.. Hugs!
 Lamanya tak tengok Air Asia hihi

"Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you set this goal in the first place." 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A stroll down memory lane

Salam and good morning everyone! 

To have finally posted my previous post makes me feel motivated to publish even more posts, so I decided, eeh, whatevs, publishing just one more post couldn't hurt me.. Right?? *Promise I'll stay up and immediately study after settling this - while making a serious nerdy face - * hihihi

I want to talk about my childhood in this post, well not literally telling you all the details cuz I myself could not recall most of it ;) Being the first child in my family made me grew to be real close with parents cuz they were my first teachers, my big sister and big brother *they were 25 when they had me, so still young la ho* hehe My dad always gave me new toys every weekend when I was young and mama taught me abc pretty early. She gave full attention to me, all the abc and maths session with mama, haaah, good times good times <3 Well that is the beauty of being the first child. I mean getting the undivided attention! haha But everything changed when Farah came in the picture :( and 3 years after, Faris came, and then Fakhrul came and the worst part was when FAHIM CAME!! He stole everyone's spotlights due to his excessive cuteness! SOBBB haha Nevertheless, I love my baby brothers and sister so much and no words could describe my affection towards my parents. They are my bestfriends forever! Allah loves me so much He gave me all these wonderful people in my life, Alhamdulillah *tears*

Come, take a stroll down memory lane with me. These are the pictures that my makcik sent via Whatsapp few days back. Aahh.. Old times, old times :')

I wonder what happens here! haha Was I born uninterested with outdoors activities??
I remember someone went to Makkah and bought me this jubah n necklace! I looked like a chinese girl :D sepetnya!
CHEEKY SMILE! LOL I miss being able to pull off crazy smile like that
Me in baju kelawar meghah! hihi My hair was so so nice back then
Another one of fathin's famous cheeky smile!
I laughed so hard I cried looking at this picture! Random sangat ni :'P
Gambaq skema wajib! hahaha So proper la tinnn..

My favourite marilyn monroe picture of me :') SO CUTE!!!!

That's all for now dearies! Hope you were entertained by these pictures from my childhood hihi Please do leave comments before you leave.. Stay young at hearts k? :)
 Have a nice day! 


"If you carry your childhood with you, you will never become older."
                                                                 ~ TOM STOPPARD

Monday, 9 January 2012

My Experience : Pre-Medic AUCMS

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Having this as my second post is a bit random I must say :P But it's for my AUCMS juniors which will be interviewed by the Irish soon! I'm gonna share my experience going through the same process last year, hope it'll help you guys in any ways possible :)

From what I remember, insyaAllah, I had to face three obstacles in order to get to Ireland.
The obstacles were : 
    1) Getting above than 3.65 CGPA in Pre-Med exam
    2) Getting above than Band 7 in IELTS 
    3) Passing the interview with the Irish

So, having those as my guidelines, I was determined to conquer them one by one. It's like, if you can't even climb the first step, why bother thinking about the second one right? :D Yeahh I admit it, I do have a funny way of motivating myself hihi Well, cuz hardwork is the only way to do this, I had to study very, very hard to make sure I could pass the required CGPA and alhamdulillah, after semesters of struggle, stage 1 was cleared! 
My tips : Just balance out and aim a possible GPA mark for each semester ( AIM HIGH OK? hihi) so that you'll get a CGPA above the passing mark! haha :P

Okay moving on to the second stage, IELTS!! Well this step was where things got scarier :(
Before that, let me be frank.. Seriously, there is no 'jalan pintas' to pass this other than practising English everyday! :S Be it listening to English songs and sing along quitely, watching English movies without having the subtitle on, or you could even get in groups and work together to improve your communication skill.  I bet you'll be getting loads and loads of practice from Mr Banu and Mr Raj, for IELTS. Please make full use the materials okay? :D Polishing your oral skill is very important as that will help your life later, in Ireland, becomes more easy. Furthermore, English is a fun subject, I am sure everyone gonna enjoy the learning process.

Last but not least, the most crucial part after clearing up the exam and IELTS stages was the interview with the Irish! Basically, all I did was practised my speaking and listening skill with my friends everyday, few weeks prior to the interview. Stay true to yourself during the interview, don't try to brag about anything and even worse LIE about stuff just to make your life more interesting cuz you might get lose in your own made up stories! However if you're good at it, then hentam saja lah hihi! Wear appropriate attire, doctor-like clothes. In other words, look your best on that day so that you'll feel confident in your own skin. Listen to the interviewers, smile throughout the session and don't rush your answers! Keep grounded cuz it will give an impression that you respect them. Most importantly, just be yourself! InsyaAllah, everything will fall into place. 

Some asked me about the questions that I got when I was interviewed. Well, luckily, my interview was pretty easy breezy! They just asked me mostly personal questions and a bit of medicine-related stuff. In my opinion, I think all they wanna see is that if you could carry the image of being a student of UCC/NUIG or not. So these are the questions that they asked me on that day,
         1) Tell me about yourself
         2) So I see that your english is very good, do you often use english at home?
         3) Tell me about your hobbies
         4) I love eating malaysian foods, but I wonder if you noticed that it is a bit
             unhealthy, so do you think the meals such as nasi kandar could contribute to 
             diseases such as atherosclerosis? 
         5) Why do you want to be a doctor? Why not something else?
They focused more on question number 5 and asked further questions based on that. Again, they just want to see if you could speak english well and if you could carry yourself or not :)
So, to give you an idea on the kind of attire that you should wear for theinterview, here is a picture of us on that particular day, last year.

For girls, my suggestions are : 
- Baju Kurung
- Office wear
 * Wear clothes that could represent the best version of you so that you'll feel confident all day long!

For guys, well I am suggesting based on what I saw last wear, hmm most of my male friends wore the standard men's formal wear, ties and what not.. They looked really good, some looked as if they were working doctors! 

You can visit this link to read more about the related stuff. :D

I guess that is all for now, hope you could learn one or two stuff from my post! Till then, all the best! Cheers :D

     'Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.'
                                                                                      ~H. Jackson Brown

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year's Resolution

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Wow I can't believe that my blog is finally born or shall I say reborn? :P I had so many blogs before till I mixed up all of the passwords and can't tell which one is for which! Now in the spirit of early 2012, I promised myself to stick with this one to pursue my hobby in writing. Plus I always believed blogging is one of the best escapism one could try!

Some might wonder why I picked out lugar feliz as my blog address hihi Well lugar feliz in spanish simply means happy place and this blog is simply my happy place! :D I imagined myself growing up with this blog and making new friends here while sharing my experience living abroad, far away from home.

Do correct me if I am wrong and feel free to leave comments!

See ya soon, byee :D