Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Blabber Jabber

It has been a long time since my last post and I blame Medicine for that! Naaah not entirely :P I must say, my attention was kindda diverted towards instagraming and facebooking and after a while, I sort of got a ''revelation'' and became really uninterested (more like lazy) to post too much about my life on fb anymore but I still want to keep a journal for me to look back and reminisce :) I tried getting a Moleskin, well that lasted for a few months, hahaha.. So I thought, maybe I should try blogging again! Might as well just do it while I'm in the mood to blog right now!!!

I am now back in Kulim for my summer break. It feels so refreshing to be home after a very tough year in Med School. Third Year Med, where do I begin! I learnt a lot and I must admit that it kindda changed me a tiny bit as a person, good change hopefully. What else is new? Hmmm, oh ya,  I am yet to know the results for my summer exam in a few days! Tbh, the nerves are getting to me sometimes, not too bad (NOPE, IT'S ALL THE TIME and IT'S BAAAD!) ;)

Goshhh summer breaks make me really excited! All the free time to fill in with activities, hii hii hii.. In my head, I have a lot planned for this summer so I am going to do some serious organizing soon! Hopefully this year I'll get to make better use of my free time cuz truthfully there ain't such thing as free time, time is gold, so never let it go to waste!!! 

Yours Truly, 
jet lagged lil owl