Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy 29th February!

Hi everyone! 

Wow is it really happening? Are we really at the end of February already?? Felt like it was just a few days ago when I celebrated New Year's Eve with my friends :S How time flies... 

Anyway, I have been wanting to record this date in my blog since today comes only once every 4 years.. Such a special day especially for those who are having their birthday today. I'd like to wish a HAPPY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY to you! Leap year babies must be very patience people cuz they celebrate their birthday only a few times in their whole life.. So proud of you guys hihi  

Another important thing is that, I'll be away from Blogger for a few weeks starting from today cuz I have my exams coming soon! Gotta pump up my study speed A.S.A.P.. huuhu Please pray for me dear friends! I'll see you guys soon.. Take care all! XOXO

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p/s: Don't forget to say Alhamdulillah :)

UCC Goes Dancing

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope all of you had a wonderful day today :D I feel like updating my blog since earlier today don't know why. So, I am sneakily taking a chance in between my study times to share my memories of going to my first dance show recently! 

The dance show was at a small theatre in Cork, known as the "Everyman Palace Theatre". Frankly, when I first saw the theatre, my expectations were a bit crushed cause looking from the outside, the place doesn't look that fancy. However, I took back my words when I entered the building! It was not that bad at all, the interior design is so nice with all the red curtains, golden balcony and carved ceiling. For a minute, I felt as if was in an opera house :P hahaha

I went with a few friends that night. We were there to support my best friend Nabihah, she was involved in the show! How exciting right??? She is a very good dancer. She was in the cheer leading group back in KDU ;) Cool right! I really admire her dancing skill cause me myself, I love to dance! Okay this reminds me of a story. Let me tell you a brief story about Fathin Solhi who once dreamed to be a ballerina. :P The story goes like this.. Once upon a time, Fathin was really determined to take up a new skill - ballet. So she took classes for it. Gosh, everyone knew that she was really excited for it but *jeng jeng jeng* sadly the excitement was not there to stay. When she realized that ballet was much of a hardwork and pain was the price to pay, she decided to put that dream on hold just for awhile. And awhile has been taking a few months now :P Nevertheless, I still love dance! :D

The first part of the show was more like a competition. Basically every couple have to have one person who don't know how to dance. So, the dancer must teach their partners the routine in such limited time. It was so interesting to see cause it takes a lot of courage for someone who don't know how to dance to perform in front of a huge crowd!!! They were so brave that night. hihi The rest of the show was performances by UCC dance clubs which a few of them has Nabihah in it! These are a few pictures from that night :D

Me and the girls

The couples that were competing that night

Random photos of us!
Look at the picture above! Aina was holding a lipgloss that has mirror on it and it's lid has light coming out of it! That was my first time seeing such cool makeup tool. Very handy to be used during dinners ;)

'Orang Kuat' behind the dance club! Nabihah is in blue :D

 All in all, that was a very cool first experience to me! Hope I could get another chance to go to such event in the future :D

" Just just just DANCE! " - Lady Gaga

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Life is full of surprises!

Hi there, assalamualaikum :)

Lately I have been too busy to even update my baby blog but not anymore! I woke up this morning promising myself that I will make a new post today, REGARDLESS how busy I'll be. hihi Well, I have so many things going on around me that I wanna share today.

To begin with, I'll have my third module exam in 4 weeks time which is very very near already :S That's why I've been back and forth to the library whenever I am free. Studying at the library is really peaceful and it helps me focus 2x better! I still feel a bit nervous about this coming exam as my previous exam was very tough. Anyhow, I'll try to do even better this time. Pray for me please, dear friends <3

At Brookfield's Library

For those who knew me, they'll know that I hate to exercise but things are changing now. I went to the gym twice last week and I plan to make it a habit! I really love the facilities there, the machines are so huge. Well I never been to a gym before, perhaps every gym is just the same huh? hehe I love to feel my muscles working and especially the feeling after exercising. Ahh I felt so good after my gym session, as if my body is thanking me for doing it by pumping more and more blood to every cell in my body! haha Weird analogy I said there :P 

Aina, Me and Nell after our gym session!

Have you ever watched "Legend of the Guardians"?? I love the movie so much. I watched it back in 2010 and I just fell in love with the owls in it, especially the barn owls. I remember having them as my laptop's screensaver for a long time. They are the cutest thing alive! Who'd knew that after 2 years and in such random place, I would get the chance to be up close with them, the barn owls??? It was just like every other day in UCC main campus but, wait up, I spotted cuteness! It was the barn owl!! :O I get to hold it and touch it and even kiss it's head.. hihi Such a dream come true, Alhamdulillah!

I <3 Whisper

UCC Quad. Taken earlier in January :D

Another exciting thing happened recently in Malaysia, my family went to Kelantan to 'merisik' for my uncle. 'Merisik' is the first and foremost step that is required in marriage. So the guy's family will have to go to the girl's house to seek whether she is still available or not. Basically that's the purpose of merisik, it is a tradition in Malay's marriage. Back to my uncle, the 'merisik' part has been officially passed, So now, the girl is going to be my future auntie this July! Wedding, aahhh such an exciting event to come home to :D
This is just a quarter of my family! hihi 

As you know, I mentioned 'to come home to' earlier right? hihihi Well, I BOUGHT MY TICKET HOME TO MALAYSIA ALREADY, WEEEHOO! I am so excited for it! I tried searching for a cheaper ticket but unfortunately their method of payment requires a credit card or VISA. I don't have neither. Instead, I just have a Laser card which is not too bad cuz there is this one website that accepts Laser cards but yeah, the price is a BIT higher compared to the other websites.. *You can't have it all ey? :P * For those who are in search for flight tickets, these are some websites that offers cheap ones up for grabs! 

Life has been good so far, Alhamdulillah. I appreciate all the changes that is happening all around me cuz I know it's for the best! Living alone, for the first few months has been quite hard on me cuz all my life I've been living with my family or 20 mins away from them *that's the far I'd be from them hihi* Now I realized, living independently has its own beauty. Teaches me there's more to life and I need to learn to be happy with my own company. Plus, living here, far away from mama and papa, teaches me to love them more, to love my big family and friends more! I am just so thankful that I get to start learning about living independently here in Cork, the best place to start! Hope for more exciting life experiences ahead of me, insyaAllah :D  

Let us all improve ourselves to be better people and may all of us have an exciting life ahead of us!

Till then, take care.. 

“The only thing constant in life is change”

 - Francois de la Rouchefoucauld

Saturday, 11 February 2012

What to Wear in Winter for the Ladies

Salam. Hi everyone! :)

How is everyone doing? Alhamdulillah everything is going well here in Cork. I was skyping with my parents earlier and my mama gave me an idea to blog about winter attire for those who are interested to know especially my future juniors from Pre-Med AUCMS! So since I am experiencing winter myself, with this limited knowledge I have which is 100% based on pure experience and observation, I hope this post could benefit you in any ways possible :D Today I'll be blogging about ladies winter attire and clothes that I wear in this season. LET'S GET GLAM!

For those who love dressing up, winter could be a very good excuse for that! After all, being casual is not an excuse here! haha Based on what I see everyday, people here would wear tight clothings to preserve their body heat and I personally do the same thing too. You can wear jeggings, leggings or tight jeans with a cute knitted sweater and complete the look with a head scarf and an elegant boot,VOILĂ€! now you are ready for class or even a day out in the city :D 

I see that some would wear leggings with long tops, and I personally am in love with the style. One more thing before stepping outside, make sure you have your coat on, be it a proper winter coat, or a leather jacket or a bubble coat or even a sweater! If you are having a hard time tolerating with the cold,  try wearing thermal wears, long johns and remember to bring along a good quality hand gloves and wear a winter hat wherever you go ;) Here are some pictures that would help me visualize my ideas!

I love the fact that long tops are in fashion now! Very suitable for us muslimah :D 

Examples of coats. Take a look at the blue bubble jacket from ONLY, I am a happy owner of one!
 It keeps me really warm mmhm :P

You can even use these types of sweaters if you are going for more sporty style 

As a muslimah, since we can't wear tight clothings that could reveal our curves, this is where we can get all creative and start mix matching our clothes! Muahaha I love this part so much. We could wear like a long winter coat to cover the tight thermal clothes underneath. So there is no problem such as revealing ourselves especially in this kind of weather! 

Some photos of my winter fashion sense :D

p/s : thanks kak lisa for lending me the knitted longcoat


Old Trafford, Manchester


Salthill beach, Galway

One last reminder, due to the cold and dry weather *which is totally different from Malaysia's warm and damp weather* please remember to apply face moisturizer and hand lotion everyday or your skin will suffer! We wouldn't want those flaky skin to interrupt our attempt to doll up right? :D Personally, I love to dress up because it raises my level of confidence and I feel like I am giving a special treatment for myself in doing so. 

However, fashion is not the super important thing that needs to be taken care of. Our inner personality should be beautified as well cause in the end, that matters the most. Remember girls, don't ever let the clothes wear you! ;)

I hope by now, you would get a general idea on what to wear during winter time hihi
Till then, cheers!

"The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside."
Alicia Keys

Thursday, 2 February 2012

With hardship comes ease



Assalamualaikum, hi everyone :)


For indeed hardship, will come ease. As-Sharh [94:5] 

This week has been a very challenging week for me. Last Monday I had my FM1002 exam, it was sooo hard! I studied night and day, was sleep deprived, and oh my, I couldn't describe how stressful I was last week! Arghhhhhh!! Well I have tried my best and Allah knows best, He'll judge my efforts. I'm leaving everything to Him now, insyaAllah, I just hope for the best. Thanks to my loving parents and bestfriends, up till now I am still able to keep my sanity haha! Boy now I understand how medic students could go to the extend of killiing themselves just to make the stress end! Scaryyy :S But I have faith that, as long as you have something more superior and important to hold on to, stress would never take you down cuz you'll have faith that, this too shall pass :')

Over with FM1002 exam, FM1003 welcomed everyone hmm I must say, much too soon I guess hihi Most of us are still in our 'chill' mode right after finishing our exam 3 days ago, so going to classes or even responding to our lecturer's questions in an interesting clinical practice class required 2x the effort! haha This only happens to me though hehe, mmm wonder if my classmates would feel the same way or not :P Oh yaa, there was this one time, that I even chose bed over class! WHOOPS *running away from mama's 'amboi' look* Let me reason myself now, it was so cold outside, about 0 degree and man, my bed was very comfy, curling under my warm duvet mmmhmm just felt like the best decision I could make at the moment I shall say ;)

P/S: Mama don't worry, I'm not gonna skip classes without better reasons after this! hehehe *although both of us know that warm duvet is always the best reason at all time :P*

All in all, in my opinion, all of us will be in stressful situations at one point in our lives and some people experience it more than others. We can choose how to cope with it. It's either you go north or south, your call. You might be a bit negative at the moment when you're stressed out but don't fret!! Just take your time, breathe in and breathe out slowly. This helps to get rid of our anxiety as controlling your breathing rate contributes to the rate of your heartbeats. Slowing down your breathe will slow down your heartbeat too thus you'll feel more calm. When you are calm, you can think straight. Do not let all the stress get to your head, that's all EVIL talking! muahaha :D We are better than that. 

For Muslims, istighfar 3x and inshaAllah, instantly you'll feel the difference cuz when we feel angry, it's the syaitan provoking us. The idea is, whenever we think about Allah, we will scare the syaitan away. Do you get what I mean? :) Keep it deep in your system that Allah Himself has promised with hardship comes ease. Don't be stress for too long okay? One way to do this is try building your strength while you're stressing hihi Well that's how I cope with stress. Everyone has their own unique ways of doing things, so go for it, as long as it'll benefit you <3

I'd suggest that you talk with your bestfriends about this or even to your parents if you feel that'll help more. We usually feel like we are alone during these times, instead of feeding your negative thoughts, take a look around and you'll see that there are people to pull u through. Me myself, I sometimes forget that I have a lot of friends to pull me up whenever my face is flat on the ground when I am in doom. Well this is not healthy, let's learn to be more positive towards ourself together. Take care of your feelings, don't feed it with too much darkness kay. By the way, what are friends for if they do not stick with us through our rough times. Bestfriends will never walk out on you and just leave you at your weakest, don't worry about that kay? :)

As if there is not enough dark stuff in my post,  here is a song that I made me fell in love the first time I heard it!

What is this all aboutSettle down, please don't yell or shoutThe landlord, he lives downstairsWe'll get evicted, please don't be too loud
You say i'm passive aggressiveHow can i not be, when your always talking at meYou say i'm unresponsiveAnd here you are talking over me
You make me wanna throw this shoe right through that concrete wallMaybe you should pack your things,If its that dreadfulThen just leave it all
Don't wanna keep on sharing my bed,With someone that i have to love less, and lessEvery time i try to make you smileYou say that i'm being a childWell i tried my best
Say that i need therapy,Well my darling so do youDon't need for you to tell meWhat is wrong in all i say or do
Please don't try to throw this shoe right through that concrete wall,Maybe you should pack your things,If its that dreadfulThen just leave it all
Till my next post, take care folks! 

''Hard times don't create heroes, it is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed"