Thursday, 2 February 2012

With hardship comes ease



Assalamualaikum, hi everyone :)


For indeed hardship, will come ease. As-Sharh [94:5] 

This week has been a very challenging week for me. Last Monday I had my FM1002 exam, it was sooo hard! I studied night and day, was sleep deprived, and oh my, I couldn't describe how stressful I was last week! Arghhhhhh!! Well I have tried my best and Allah knows best, He'll judge my efforts. I'm leaving everything to Him now, insyaAllah, I just hope for the best. Thanks to my loving parents and bestfriends, up till now I am still able to keep my sanity haha! Boy now I understand how medic students could go to the extend of killiing themselves just to make the stress end! Scaryyy :S But I have faith that, as long as you have something more superior and important to hold on to, stress would never take you down cuz you'll have faith that, this too shall pass :')

Over with FM1002 exam, FM1003 welcomed everyone hmm I must say, much too soon I guess hihi Most of us are still in our 'chill' mode right after finishing our exam 3 days ago, so going to classes or even responding to our lecturer's questions in an interesting clinical practice class required 2x the effort! haha This only happens to me though hehe, mmm wonder if my classmates would feel the same way or not :P Oh yaa, there was this one time, that I even chose bed over class! WHOOPS *running away from mama's 'amboi' look* Let me reason myself now, it was so cold outside, about 0 degree and man, my bed was very comfy, curling under my warm duvet mmmhmm just felt like the best decision I could make at the moment I shall say ;)

P/S: Mama don't worry, I'm not gonna skip classes without better reasons after this! hehehe *although both of us know that warm duvet is always the best reason at all time :P*

All in all, in my opinion, all of us will be in stressful situations at one point in our lives and some people experience it more than others. We can choose how to cope with it. It's either you go north or south, your call. You might be a bit negative at the moment when you're stressed out but don't fret!! Just take your time, breathe in and breathe out slowly. This helps to get rid of our anxiety as controlling your breathing rate contributes to the rate of your heartbeats. Slowing down your breathe will slow down your heartbeat too thus you'll feel more calm. When you are calm, you can think straight. Do not let all the stress get to your head, that's all EVIL talking! muahaha :D We are better than that. 

For Muslims, istighfar 3x and inshaAllah, instantly you'll feel the difference cuz when we feel angry, it's the syaitan provoking us. The idea is, whenever we think about Allah, we will scare the syaitan away. Do you get what I mean? :) Keep it deep in your system that Allah Himself has promised with hardship comes ease. Don't be stress for too long okay? One way to do this is try building your strength while you're stressing hihi Well that's how I cope with stress. Everyone has their own unique ways of doing things, so go for it, as long as it'll benefit you <3

I'd suggest that you talk with your bestfriends about this or even to your parents if you feel that'll help more. We usually feel like we are alone during these times, instead of feeding your negative thoughts, take a look around and you'll see that there are people to pull u through. Me myself, I sometimes forget that I have a lot of friends to pull me up whenever my face is flat on the ground when I am in doom. Well this is not healthy, let's learn to be more positive towards ourself together. Take care of your feelings, don't feed it with too much darkness kay. By the way, what are friends for if they do not stick with us through our rough times. Bestfriends will never walk out on you and just leave you at your weakest, don't worry about that kay? :)

As if there is not enough dark stuff in my post,  here is a song that I made me fell in love the first time I heard it!

What is this all aboutSettle down, please don't yell or shoutThe landlord, he lives downstairsWe'll get evicted, please don't be too loud
You say i'm passive aggressiveHow can i not be, when your always talking at meYou say i'm unresponsiveAnd here you are talking over me
You make me wanna throw this shoe right through that concrete wallMaybe you should pack your things,If its that dreadfulThen just leave it all
Don't wanna keep on sharing my bed,With someone that i have to love less, and lessEvery time i try to make you smileYou say that i'm being a childWell i tried my best
Say that i need therapy,Well my darling so do youDon't need for you to tell meWhat is wrong in all i say or do
Please don't try to throw this shoe right through that concrete wall,Maybe you should pack your things,If its that dreadfulThen just leave it all
Till my next post, take care folks! 

''Hard times don't create heroes, it is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed"


  1. my dear tin2! ♥

    i am soooo in the mood to blogwalk! :D this is such an inspiring post tin2 :') so true what you just said. we all know that it's really a normal for us to feel stressed out at certain levels, but not all people would realise there is always hikmah behind what happened. i love how you listed the few powerful things we can do to lift ourselves back up. istighfar, something that not many might even remember to do :)

    we all need a little dose of motivation each and every day :) keep on writing tin; while u'r writing to keep an account of what is happening in your life, you might just inspire people around you, and in this case, this post really inspired me :) love you very much tin! may all be well for you!

    1. Awww baby sorry sangat I lambat gila balas, Im still taktih taktih baby lagi with blog huuhuuu Yeah I pun rasa cmtu.. I hope those tips could help you jugak in a way :') I love you too, u inspired me to write! Hugs n kisses por chiuuuu