Wednesday, 29 February 2012

UCC Goes Dancing

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope all of you had a wonderful day today :D I feel like updating my blog since earlier today don't know why. So, I am sneakily taking a chance in between my study times to share my memories of going to my first dance show recently! 

The dance show was at a small theatre in Cork, known as the "Everyman Palace Theatre". Frankly, when I first saw the theatre, my expectations were a bit crushed cause looking from the outside, the place doesn't look that fancy. However, I took back my words when I entered the building! It was not that bad at all, the interior design is so nice with all the red curtains, golden balcony and carved ceiling. For a minute, I felt as if was in an opera house :P hahaha

I went with a few friends that night. We were there to support my best friend Nabihah, she was involved in the show! How exciting right??? She is a very good dancer. She was in the cheer leading group back in KDU ;) Cool right! I really admire her dancing skill cause me myself, I love to dance! Okay this reminds me of a story. Let me tell you a brief story about Fathin Solhi who once dreamed to be a ballerina. :P The story goes like this.. Once upon a time, Fathin was really determined to take up a new skill - ballet. So she took classes for it. Gosh, everyone knew that she was really excited for it but *jeng jeng jeng* sadly the excitement was not there to stay. When she realized that ballet was much of a hardwork and pain was the price to pay, she decided to put that dream on hold just for awhile. And awhile has been taking a few months now :P Nevertheless, I still love dance! :D

The first part of the show was more like a competition. Basically every couple have to have one person who don't know how to dance. So, the dancer must teach their partners the routine in such limited time. It was so interesting to see cause it takes a lot of courage for someone who don't know how to dance to perform in front of a huge crowd!!! They were so brave that night. hihi The rest of the show was performances by UCC dance clubs which a few of them has Nabihah in it! These are a few pictures from that night :D

Me and the girls

The couples that were competing that night

Random photos of us!
Look at the picture above! Aina was holding a lipgloss that has mirror on it and it's lid has light coming out of it! That was my first time seeing such cool makeup tool. Very handy to be used during dinners ;)

'Orang Kuat' behind the dance club! Nabihah is in blue :D

 All in all, that was a very cool first experience to me! Hope I could get another chance to go to such event in the future :D

" Just just just DANCE! " - Lady Gaga

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