Sunday, 22 July 2012

The day I had my first with Eiffel Tower

Salam and hello everyone! Good day isn't it? I am currently watching Tayo Tayo on one of the disney channels while listening to Jason Mraz's LOVE album. Such a perfect day for a post about Paris :) Jason reminds me a lot about Paris cuz I listened to him everyday when I was there.

Today I'm gonna share about my second day in Paris. I learned a few tricks so hopefully now I could help others have better experience and make full use of their time there! Its gonna be all over the post though, please bare with me hihi

We stayed in a hostel quite close to the Bry-Sur-Marne Metro station on our first day there. I couldn't recall the name of that place but if anyone needs the information, I'll dig my emails k! :) Just let me know.  The price is very reasonable with the room's condition. I'll rate it hmmm maybe 4/5 hihi The metro ticket from our place (which is in zone 4) to Champs-De-Mars (wayyy up there in zone 1) doesn't cost that much, below 10euro to&fro, perhaps :S hehe I am not sure about that.

So here comes the picture part, my favourite! I love telling stories based on pictures :)

We were on the train when we first saw the amazing Eiffel Tower :') It was breathtaking, really! 

If you are taking the metro to get go to the Eiffel Tower, you could stop at Bir-Hakeim

So excited to see a cafe named after the Eiffel

WE ARE NEAR! Eiffel is just around the corner!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Greetings from Malaysia

Assalamuakaikum and hi everyone!

WOWW! I can't believe how long it has been since my last post!! So much for my vow of undivided commitment for this blog :P I've been very busy since the last post and I kept on delaying and procrastinating eventhough my head is overflowing with ideas hihi Now that I have a moment to sit and write something, might as well grab it!

How is everyone doing? Thanks a million for those who just followed my humble blog, I'll be visiting your blogs soon for a return! I am currently spending my summer break in Malaysia. It feels so good to be home, to get to be with my family and friends all the time :') Alhamdulillah, all praise is for Allah !

Who have been to Kelantan?? Put your hands up! hihi :D Kelantan rocks! I was recently in Kelantan for my uncle's wedding,Bachok to be precise. It was my first time there and I LOVE IT! I'm saving the story for now because I think Kelantan deserves its own post! hehe My next post will still be about Paris. Here I am, so excited to have to write about so many experiences! hahah Stay tuned <3