Sunday, 22 July 2012

The day I had my first with Eiffel Tower

Salam and hello everyone! Good day isn't it? I am currently watching Tayo Tayo on one of the disney channels while listening to Jason Mraz's LOVE album. Such a perfect day for a post about Paris :) Jason reminds me a lot about Paris cuz I listened to him everyday when I was there.

Today I'm gonna share about my second day in Paris. I learned a few tricks so hopefully now I could help others have better experience and make full use of their time there! Its gonna be all over the post though, please bare with me hihi

We stayed in a hostel quite close to the Bry-Sur-Marne Metro station on our first day there. I couldn't recall the name of that place but if anyone needs the information, I'll dig my emails k! :) Just let me know.  The price is very reasonable with the room's condition. I'll rate it hmmm maybe 4/5 hihi The metro ticket from our place (which is in zone 4) to Champs-De-Mars (wayyy up there in zone 1) doesn't cost that much, below 10euro to&fro, perhaps :S hehe I am not sure about that.

So here comes the picture part, my favourite! I love telling stories based on pictures :)

We were on the train when we first saw the amazing Eiffel Tower :') It was breathtaking, really! 

If you are taking the metro to get go to the Eiffel Tower, you could stop at Bir-Hakeim

So excited to see a cafe named after the Eiffel

WE ARE NEAR! Eiffel is just around the corner!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? 

but lets stop for a snack first. ;P
 There are many lil shops selling things like croissants, crepes and waffles around there, but if you are on the Muslim diet, make sure that there are no bacon or anything as such in the order. My friend accidentally bought a sandwich with ham in it mainly cuz we didn't know what jambon means and thought its just cheese or something hehe Actually jambon means ham in French :P 

My first picture with Eiffel, trying to be dramatic with the editing hahah

My ladies!

Picture perfect, isn't it? :)

On our first day, we went for a bike tour! It was so much fun! Our tourguide brought us to many places and told us short stories regarding the places.

Yeay thank god we found the bike tour group! Can u spot nell in this picture? hehe

I would recommend this tour to people who loves to do something different ;)

Ahh these photos make me miss Paris :')
The tour started in the morning and goes on for 4 hours. We went to see the Military School opposite Eiffel Tower first, it was so nice and huge for a school. I am still, totally in love with the architecture of the building. Then we went to see the Dome Church where Napoleon tomb is situated. Napoleon was a French military and political leader during the French Revolution era. After that, the tourguide brought us to many other places which most of the names I already forget :P hahah I just remember that we went to the Louvre, saw the mini arc de triomphe and some nice park. We had our lunch at the park near Louvre. It is so amazing! Everyone should go there and just chill with friends or loved ones. 

Chit chat over lunch :D

I love everything about this picture :)

Gotta take a picture with our Tourguide hihi
After that we had our dinner and went to see the Eiffel Tower at night. All in all, it was a fun adventurous day in Paris. So blessed to have my girls there with me, couldn't ask for anything better at that time :')

True beauty

We waited to see the Eiffel blinking lights, it was amazing and soooo worth the wait :D

Hopefully my post could benefits you in any ways possible! :D Till my next post, take care and keep blogging.. XOXO