Sunday, 11 August 2013

Last 10 days of Summer Break

I've had the best Summer break, it has been a total blessing from the start for without it I wouldn't be in Malaysia at all. The feeling is amazing, to be in the comfort of my family and bestfriends, spending Eid Al-Fitri with them and enjoying all the food here, simply amazing.

To top it off, I've just found out that I might be completing my degree in Ireland instead of coming back to Taiping this coming January for my clinical years. So I will be there for another 3 years, insyaAllah! It's only in my wildest dream to ever think that I'll be getting such miracle, alhamdulillah Allah knows best :) Everything comes with a price though. If the news is legit, then I have to use this second chance of being in Europe wisely. I must study harder and try to engage in more extra curriculum activities this time around, insyaAllah!

GOSH I need to sit down and soak everything in slowly right now! *Breathe in, breathe out* Can't believe how these two months passed by me so quickly and I'm yet to complete my travel logs, do some shopping, meet a few more people and eat my favorite foods before I fly back to Ireland. Oh and I need to finish reading my current read!! OMG! 

I better start soon! :D 10 days left!! Bittersweet feeling phase starts now.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Holding On & Letting Go

''Keep Calm and Carry On'' goes the cliche. No matter how hard life gets, just keep swimming, that's what I was thought.

At this age, I'm starting to learn about the world a tiny bit more seriously. I have these questions about how things work, what was here before and how to have a better future, yadayadayada. The more I learn the more I become so curious about the things around me so I start observing. It's sadly funny how the quote 'Change is the only constant thing' turns out to be indeed really true. Moreover, having my own set of values that I gathered along the road somehow affects the way I see the people around me right now compared to the way I remember them a couple of years ago. I feel like I'm more connected to most of them and unfortunately a bit distant to a few. It's interesting how our thoughts could change according to appropriate maturity levels :)

Among the things I picked up was that everyone has their own arrays of problems and dramas just as much as the blessings that they were granted. Friends, well good friends actually, are indeed one of the most precious gifts one could get. As a friend myself, I aspire to become a better listener and a warmer company, just like what I would have wanted in a good friend. Silly me, I used to think relationship problems are child's play after I've encountered a few real life complications such as someone suffering from a stroke or cancer because most of the times, people with these chronic illnesses have way more positive outlook on  life compared to those suffering from fruitless relationships. However, I now realized that each and every problem is as significant as long as it has been affecting someone's quality of life in any ways. Try not to set a bar just so you could briefly measure and hastily decide whether the problem is interesting enough to get your undivided attention,be considerate and more compassionate. Give what you can even when you know there's nothing in it for you because to me, having someone saying 'You're not alone in this' would mean a lot in any situations  :) Everyone faces different battles and based on my experience, we just need a shoulder to lean on and maybe a strong set of arms for some comforting (especially for people like me, hugs make me feel better) :P Let's try to be positive about the trials thrown in our ways and try harder to avoid being negative about it. Every problem has a solution, inshaAllah :)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Feeling all mushy inside

Lately I've been having this idea of owning a Moleskine journal because I've always wanted to try sitting at the corner of my room, right beside the window and write it all on papers. Somehow a tiny voice in me successfully convinced me that I won't have the time for that right now and it's not urgent :P So I blog instead.

19 days left til my flight back to London. Gosh, why do good times always passed by so unbelievably fast? Sigh. There's no word that could measure up to how grateful I am to be here in Malaysia right now, there's no place I'd rather be! :) Million thanks to everyone for making my stay here a memorable one, especially my parents for trying their best to bring me back, my KL family for granting all of my cravings, Kak Yana for the good long talks, Rania for playing with auntie, Danny for always being my go to person and taking care of me, Mirul for letting me annoy him every chance I get hehehe and many many more! I had the best time with these beautiful people. I'm so lucky!

As for Ramadhan, it has been very blissful and refreshing. I am so motivated to better myself in any ways I could, insyaAllah and I feel so humbled by all the new things I've learned during this blessed month, God is great. For sure there are ups and downs but life is for the living, so live! No time to waste :)

Here's to more exciting days! Hooray :)