Sunday, 11 August 2013

Last 10 days of Summer Break

I've had the best Summer break, it has been a total blessing from the start for without it I wouldn't be in Malaysia at all. The feeling is amazing, to be in the comfort of my family and bestfriends, spending Eid Al-Fitri with them and enjoying all the food here, simply amazing.

To top it off, I've just found out that I might be completing my degree in Ireland instead of coming back to Taiping this coming January for my clinical years. So I will be there for another 3 years, insyaAllah! It's only in my wildest dream to ever think that I'll be getting such miracle, alhamdulillah Allah knows best :) Everything comes with a price though. If the news is legit, then I have to use this second chance of being in Europe wisely. I must study harder and try to engage in more extra curriculum activities this time around, insyaAllah!

GOSH I need to sit down and soak everything in slowly right now! *Breathe in, breathe out* Can't believe how these two months passed by me so quickly and I'm yet to complete my travel logs, do some shopping, meet a few more people and eat my favorite foods before I fly back to Ireland. Oh and I need to finish reading my current read!! OMG! 

I better start soon! :D 10 days left!! Bittersweet feeling phase starts now.

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