Saturday, 3 August 2013

Feeling all mushy inside

Lately I've been having this idea of owning a Moleskine journal because I've always wanted to try sitting at the corner of my room, right beside the window and write it all on papers. Somehow a tiny voice in me successfully convinced me that I won't have the time for that right now and it's not urgent :P So I blog instead.

19 days left til my flight back to London. Gosh, why do good times always passed by so unbelievably fast? Sigh. There's no word that could measure up to how grateful I am to be here in Malaysia right now, there's no place I'd rather be! :) Million thanks to everyone for making my stay here a memorable one, especially my parents for trying their best to bring me back, my KL family for granting all of my cravings, Kak Yana for the good long talks, Rania for playing with auntie, Danny for always being my go to person and taking care of me, Mirul for letting me annoy him every chance I get hehehe and many many more! I had the best time with these beautiful people. I'm so lucky!

As for Ramadhan, it has been very blissful and refreshing. I am so motivated to better myself in any ways I could, insyaAllah and I feel so humbled by all the new things I've learned during this blessed month, God is great. For sure there are ups and downs but life is for the living, so live! No time to waste :)

Here's to more exciting days! Hooray :)

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