Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Am I dreaming?

Hi! I am now back home in Malaysia for my 2 months summer break. Alhamdulillah with endless support and prayers from my family and friends, I've passed my Second Year Medicine final exam in UCC and will return to Ireland on the second last week of August as a Third Year medical student! It still feels like a dream to be honest :')

This particular month has made a great impact in my life. If there is ever 'The Best Month Of My Life' I'd say this would be it so far. It is too good to be true that every morning I'll tiny pinch myself just to make sure I'm living in the real world :P

On 31st May, my auntie Dar came to London for our Eurotrip Adventure. Just being with her in London was already amazing, topped off by a sweet reunion with my bestfriend Shafeeq! Things like these are usually only fit for dreams :D Lucky me that my dreams came to life and I had the best time with them! My auntie and I continued our journey to Paris, Brussels and finally Amsterdam before we went home to my place in Cork. I've learned how to travel as a backpacker and I am honestly starting to love the concept! I actually felt a punch on my face as I was thinking to myself about all the money I could've saved by going on trips backpackers style. Well, what's done is done and I am glad I know about this sooner rather than later. I even made new friends along the way, two korean girls, an Australian girl and a Singaporean guy whom now has become a good friend of mine. These unexpected experiences actually helped me grow and matures me at the same time.

Shortly after that, on 15th June morning I received a call from my parents. They told me they have booked my flight home for the summer! I swear my heart stopped for 10 seconds and my I was smiling from ear to ear!! My original plan was to stay in Ireland since it will be my last summer in Europe. However, the idea of staying there all alone sounded better in my head instead of me actually doing it. Haha The bigger part of me THANK GOD that they have saved me from the loneliness of being alone for my holiday but there was and is still a lil part of me that brings up the 'what ifs' questions. Nonetheless, so far I'm having a great time and I am happier being here. There's nothing about it that I would or want to change.

On the same day, 15th June, I flew to London (because the only cheap flight to London was on that day) and stayed there for 2 days because my ride home was on the 17th. I get to spend time with my bestfriend Shafeeq again before I come home! Weee! Thanks to the very kindhearted Puteri for letting me crash her place for two nights!! :) Just thinking back about that day makes me smile. Who would've thought a very much expected to be a normal boring day could turn upside down and brings you to London on that very evening! It's purely luck and all from God's blessings.

On 17th June early morning, half awake Shafeeq sent me off and we said our byebyes before I took the tube to Heathrow Terminal 4. The one hour ride gave me time to really sink my teeth into what's about to happen, which was me going home for the summer! The whole train ride was quite meditating. I felt really blessed and humbled because I knew how impossible this was before that :') One hour ride felt like 30 mins with me being all overwhelmed with gratitude. Haha plus,it was my first time travelling across the world alone which is quite a milestone in my life and everything went on smoothly alhamdulillah! It was also my first time going on Malaysia Airline's Airbus. I have to say, that was the best flight I've ever went on! 11 hours never felt so short! :P

I arrived at KLIA on 18th June and my lovely Kak Yana picked me up. Everything goes on heaven-like mode from that onwards. She treated me with Tony Romas lunch , sushi, the best sizzling lamb chop, made my all time favourite bread butter pudding, and many many many more! Kak Farah came by as well and we played with baby Rania. It felt so good to be back in the comfort of my family :') Love you guys so much! Then mama and papa came to KL and they brought along tok and wan too! We had the biggest dinner ever at Tupai-Tupai. Both my Kulim family and my KL family were there. It would be perfect if Shafeeq was there too but somehow I felt his presence through Kak Yana and Kak Farah, I really felt like he was there with us too that night. We miss you Apit :)

Currently I am enjoying the company of my very naughty brothers and sister and I can't wait to meet my friends in Kulim! May more blessings come our away, InsyaAllah. Have a nice day!

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