Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A stroll down memory lane

Salam and good morning everyone! 

To have finally posted my previous post makes me feel motivated to publish even more posts, so I decided, eeh, whatevs, publishing just one more post couldn't hurt me.. Right?? *Promise I'll stay up and immediately study after settling this - while making a serious nerdy face - * hihihi

I want to talk about my childhood in this post, well not literally telling you all the details cuz I myself could not recall most of it ;) Being the first child in my family made me grew to be real close with parents cuz they were my first teachers, my big sister and big brother *they were 25 when they had me, so still young la ho* hehe My dad always gave me new toys every weekend when I was young and mama taught me abc pretty early. She gave full attention to me, all the abc and maths session with mama, haaah, good times good times <3 Well that is the beauty of being the first child. I mean getting the undivided attention! haha But everything changed when Farah came in the picture :( and 3 years after, Faris came, and then Fakhrul came and the worst part was when FAHIM CAME!! He stole everyone's spotlights due to his excessive cuteness! SOBBB haha Nevertheless, I love my baby brothers and sister so much and no words could describe my affection towards my parents. They are my bestfriends forever! Allah loves me so much He gave me all these wonderful people in my life, Alhamdulillah *tears*

Come, take a stroll down memory lane with me. These are the pictures that my makcik sent via Whatsapp few days back. Aahh.. Old times, old times :')

I wonder what happens here! haha Was I born uninterested with outdoors activities??
I remember someone went to Makkah and bought me this jubah n necklace! I looked like a chinese girl :D sepetnya!
CHEEKY SMILE! LOL I miss being able to pull off crazy smile like that
Me in baju kelawar meghah! hihi My hair was so so nice back then
Another one of fathin's famous cheeky smile!
I laughed so hard I cried looking at this picture! Random sangat ni :'P
Gambaq skema wajib! hahaha So proper la tinnn..

My favourite marilyn monroe picture of me :') SO CUTE!!!!

That's all for now dearies! Hope you were entertained by these pictures from my childhood hihi Please do leave comments before you leave.. Stay young at hearts k? :)
 Have a nice day! 


"If you carry your childhood with you, you will never become older."
                                                                 ~ TOM STOPPARD


  1. so chiooooomel! marilyn monroe tu paling cuteeee! :P heee ♥

    1. ahahaha tu laaa, i sukaaa sgt yg marilyn monroe tu <3 hihihi

  2. ALALALA! so adorables! Pls pls pls be a kid again!!

    1. Awww hahaha I wish I could do that toooooo <3

  3. hahahah comel gila muka kena contiang cam rimau ka apa ntah..lawak laa..cute gila tin kecik2..geram ja tgk

    1. ihihihi, tin pun gelak2 la tengok gambaq childhood tin :D Yg rimau tu kaa, tin bebai sbb nak buat sgt2, last2 dapat, bahagia ja rasa rawwrr hihi