Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year's Resolution

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Wow I can't believe that my blog is finally born or shall I say reborn? :P I had so many blogs before till I mixed up all of the passwords and can't tell which one is for which! Now in the spirit of early 2012, I promised myself to stick with this one to pursue my hobby in writing. Plus I always believed blogging is one of the best escapism one could try!

Some might wonder why I picked out lugar feliz as my blog address hihi Well lugar feliz in spanish simply means happy place and this blog is simply my happy place! :D I imagined myself growing up with this blog and making new friends here while sharing my experience living abroad, far away from home.

Do correct me if I am wrong and feel free to leave comments!

See ya soon, byee :D


  1. aww very nice! :D welcome back tin2! *hugs* ♥

  2. welcome back to blogginnn :D yay!

  3. Salam.hello :)i'm using my little sister blog bec i don't have any blog.
    i really really want to ask you few questions.
    i just received my spm results and i really wish to continue my studies in in science.
    My questions are :
    1.Are you receiving any scholarship when you did your foundation?
    2.Your SPM results?
    3.Are you on any scholarship now(DEGREE) ?
    I hope that u will reply my comment.because i really admire your achievement :)
    and not saying much,u're my idol now.

    1. Hello there! Aww thanks darling, that is such a sweet thing to say. I appreciate it very much.. <3 Would love to get to know you more hihi :) Before that, let me answer your questions first.
      1.I was sponsored by MARA during my foundation year at AUCMS
      2.SPM result 10A ( 5A+ 3A 2A- )
      3.I am still sponsored by MARA up till now to do my degree in Ireland.

      Hope that would help! If you have any other questions. dont be shy to reach me kay :D
      Take care, xoxo

  4. i'm so happy that you reply my comment.THANK YOU :D
    my name is Nur Zaireen.I'm from Johor Bahru.
    may i call you Kak Fathin?

    1.can you briefly explain to me how u doin during your foundation? it TOUGH?
    3.can you give your opinian about AUCMS? all the teachers really help their students in study and what about the surrounding?
    Congratulations for your achievement :) my mom admire you too HAHA.She's the one who pointed your photo on google while i'm searching AUCMS's pic bec i need to find someone who study in AUCMS,to ask some questions.She's like 'Mama rase ni doctor'.i click it and yes you are! i hope that one day i'll be like you.InsyaAllah.

    1. Hi Zaireen, for some reason I feel like I wanna call u ayeen haha Yeah sure thing, boleh aje panggil kak fathin. :D

      1. During my foundation year, we learned bits and pieces of topics that are going to be taught in First Year Medicine just for the sake to get a glimpse of what we are putting ourselves into and build a strong base before entering the real world of Medicine. The subjects were not that hard, such as Biology, Anatomy, Maths, Chemistry, Microbiology and some more. Honestly I could barely remember about my AUCMS year due to the load of first year med subjects :P But I could ask some of my friends that are still doing the foundation there for you, if you'd like to know more.

      2. It was quite easy but I also had some tough days during my Pre-Med in ACMS.. Well nothing is ever that easy in life, things will be easy or the other way round depending on your perception towards it. hihi

      3. In my opinion, ACMS is a good place to study for Pre-Med but you have to appreciate the subjects there cuz u'll be using them once you are in First Med. Unlike me, I didn't take it too seriously so I had to struggle over here :P Especially Chemistry. I don't like Chemistry at all, so I was kindda taking it for granted while I was learning it in AUCMS unaware that those were all basics for the chemistry stuff that I need to learn during first med hahah Overall, I think AUCMS is a good place to start, its teaching method is similar to that of medicine school.

      4. Yeah the teachers are all very helpful! You just need to approach them whenever u feel like u need some help. I made friends with some of the lecturers there, they are all so friendly. We still talk to each other up till now. One of them is also a blogwriter and he is a very good anatomy teacher from Philippines. He is also a splendid photographer hahah Here, you can visit his blog if u'd like to.

      Thanksss zaireen, aww I am so flattered syg!! Please send my regards to your lovely mommy kay.. Ahh, we are just the same zaireen, we are both just starting out right? hihi hopefully things will go on smoothly for both of us <3 Have u visited AUCMS website? I bet you could get more information there rather than from me hahah.. Oh and have you applied for any scholarships? How did you do in ur SPM?

    2. I got 8A 1B (4A+ 2A 2A- 1B+).I got B+ for biology.I'm so sad about it.but now I've start doing some revision.
      1.Do you think with this kind of result,i'll be able to do?
      I applied for AUCMS scholarship,now waiting for interview.I want to apply for MARA too but the website for scholarship is still under construction.I've visited AUCMS website since before I sat for SPM.I really want to get into this university because I have my own aim that after foundation,I want to continue Degree in Medicine,Surgery and Obstetrics.just like you.but if I am under AUCMS scholarship,they say they will only give me choice to continue degree in AUCMS,Indonesia or UKM.I understand that my parents can't afford to pay the fees for foundation.So mybe i need to forget about my dream.
      2.Do you have any suggestion for me?
      3.Do any of your friends with this kind of results succeed and now doing Degree in Ireland?
      4.Are you from TGB?Batch?
      5.Any advice?
      Thanks for replying my comments again.and I'm sorry if I disturb your time studying.Kak Fathin,Later i'll post my picture on Zarisa's blog so that u can see me.I hope that I can meet you oneday :) and I promise to myself that I'll study hard.

    3. Ohh I see, I applied for MARA scholarship with my SPM result, I didnt try the AUCMS scholarship but as far as I know, AUCMS is still sending medical students to Ireland too. Hmm maybe if u r under MARA then only they'll send you to Ireland to continue ur degree. I suggest that you try to contact MARA and ask them if you could apply for a scholarship in AUCMS-UCC/NUIG programme kay? Try calling them directly, it'd be easier. Don't give up your dreams just yet kay? Doctors can't give up! :) I wouldnt want to burden my parents with my dreams too, I understand how you must be feeling. Dont give up just yet, let's try everything that we could to make your dreams come true k.

      I am not sure about that but I think ada aje.. Ur result is very good already! Should be confident and try to get scholarship with it because insyaAllah u deserve it.

      I was not from TGB pun zaireen hihi.. I am from a dayschool in Kulim, SMK Sultan Badlishah. Never been in any boarding school :P It is always harder to get MARA scholarship if you're not from MRSM but my parents helped a lot and alhamdulillah ada rezeki jugak.

      My advice for you would be, try calling MARA directly and ask them about the programme. U'll do that first and we'll see how it goes. No noo u didnt disturb me pun dear, dont worry about it hihi I'd love to meet you too! I'll be coming back to Malaysia this June so we can meet up and have girls day out if you'd like that. Study hard but play hard as well! :D

    4. okay..:) Thank you so much Kak Fathin for the advice.U helped me a lots.
      I am from a dayschool too in JB,SMK IJ Convent.I've been in boarding school once when I was in Form 1,but only for a months.hihi.Homesick maybe.(That time) now not anymore :P

      I'll try call MARA and asked about it.InsyaAllah someday we'll meet :D YEAYYYYYY.
      Thanks again and goodluck ;)
      Take care Kak Fathin.XOXO

    5. Yeay, dayschool rocks!!! hehehe No problem at all dear, my pleasure! Nice knowing you :D I wish you the best of luck, hopefully u'll get the things that u want! Doa banyak banyak okay, insyaAllah boleh.. Do let me know how things go soon k.. Take care too darling! xoxo