Saturday, 14 January 2012

First time staying up alone this long = MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT!

Hi there, assalamualaikum!

How is everyone today? As for me, I am feeling very grand! :D I have been meaning to post an entry since earlier today cuz I kindda miss blogging :') So happy everytime I get to spend some 'bonding time' with my bloggie!

Well, I have been very very busy with studying these few days *should make it clear that this is a last minute studying* ;P I have a Clinical Practice, short answer exam on Monday morning. If you ask me what I'm feeling now, errr, OF COURSE I FEEL LIKE I'M SUCH A MESS! Worst than a train wreck! :S uhhh-hurmm *clearing throat while gaining conciousness* let's go a few days back...

On this particular day last week, I was still enjoying myself with back-to-back movies and tv shows. Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle n bla bla bla. haih, CURSE YOU GOOD INTERNET! :( Only God knows how easy my days was last week, mmmhmm.. Well snapping out of it, let me continue my story. So, I decided to start studying for the exam on last Thursday night. Only then, I realized that I HAVE LIKE A MILLION THINGS TO STUFF IN MY HEAD! :S Mayday mayday we are going down! But I wont give up, NEVERRR! hihi

For those who were wondering about the things that I'll be tested in this particular exam:
 - Cardiovascular Diseases
 - Cardiovascular Examination 
 - First Aid : Bleeding ( Hand, Scalp, Nose, Lower Limb)
 - Anaemia 
 - CPR
This time, the format is short answers. So I'll have to answer the questions in WORDS. Gulp! 

So me and my friends, Biha, Nell and Aina, planned a sleepover at Biha's and it went on for two days. We stayed up from 9pm till 5am the next day BUT still we couldn't finish everything! :( We did cover so many things but umm, sleepovers are not fun without 'extracurricular' stuff right? hehe So we cooked and we ate and we karaoke and we talked and we nappy :S LOL I couldn't believe what I'm saying! haha Anyways, those 2 days were so much fun, and alhamdulillah, we gained a lot together <3 Oh yaa, that friday night, the time moved so slow! Like seriously slow, everyone was talking about it. We guessed it was all from Allah, maybe He blessed us studying together like that :')

Then today is the day that we try to study alone, so that we could digest all the informations we have been gaining these few days. I slept earlier for 3 hours.Right after waking up I went to Kebabish to buy taco cheese chips and some fried chicken wings. Feels like tasting a bit of heaven in my mouth each and everytime hihi.. So I started my stay up session from around 12 am plus up till just now, 6.30am!! I did some notes about First Aid for Bleeding. When I checked the time, I was like OMG? I never thought I could go on like that! :') Maybe cuz of taco chips motivation and of course, Allah's will! Alhamdulillah.. Here are some photos to reward your undivided attention! :)

Instead of pictures of Edward Cullen , I put notes up just beside my bed. Ngee what a lonely Med student I am haha
My messy table
 First Aid book that I use
A very wordy book, too wordy for me!
Other notes x,x
Malu malu tucin hihi

Now I am finally ready to see my bed :') May Allah ease my coming CP exam and dear friends, please pray for me :) Jazzakillah!

Take care now, till then.. XOXO

Can't wait to skype with my bestfriend Shafeeq, he is coming home from Langkawi today! I miss him so much, have a safe flight dear.. Hugs!
 Lamanya tak tengok Air Asia hihi

"Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you set this goal in the first place." 


  1. omg baby! this is super duper tremendously awesome!!! i'm so proud of you! this reminds me of what i did masa exam geography pmr dulu :D i stayed up the whole night & everything ran so well :D i doakan kita semua akan berjaya & once again i'm proud of what you did! i dah tua2 ni dah tak larat stay up dah. hihihi :D xx!

    1. hahahaha ok tu lawak n unacceptable! u tua? aiyomaa hihi PEOPLE, YOU SHOULD SEE HOW THIS GIRL DOES HER NOTES!! SHE MADE BOOKS OUT OF HER NOTES hihihihi <3

  2. This is really inspired me dear! Keep it up..
    Whenever i feel like giving up i just have to look at u >.<
    You're well determined =))
    <3 nita

    1. Awww baby! So glad it inspired u in a way :') Don't quite yet k? Susah tu mmg susah huhu I am feeling the tension now! But we can do this k? Love uuu more

  3. aw this is so good! baguih2. keep it up na?

  4. i think you're coping well in medlife Fathin! Keep it up!:)-doc anna


    1. Doc Anna! I just read your comment, so sorry!! Thanks doc Anna, but it's getting harder now :(