Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bonjour Paris

Hi Assalamualaikum everyone, 

Alhamdulillah I finally found time to post about my Paris trip :D But first, how is everyone doing? I personally want to welcome my new blogfriends to my blog! Thanks a million for spending your time to read my entries, hope they are useful to you in any ways. <3 

Being in Paris for the very first time in my life, breathing in France's air and listening to Parisian speaking in French (the language of love) made my heart beat a lil faster than how it used to hahah! I am a sucker for romance, so no wonder why I'd become so poetically romantic whenever I'm talking about the city of love :') I should get started with the story cuz I am certainly able to rant for hours if not stopped hihi

First day in Paris
The flight from Cork Airport to CDG, Paris Airport took less than 2 hours and cuz of the different time zone between Ireland and France, unfortunately we lost an hour when we arrived there. We bought Metro pass for two days and tickets for Louvre at the airport, so convenient right? :) The Metro pass includes trains, subways and buses which really helped us to move around Paris during our stay there

The most exciting part of my first day in Paris would be the part when we thought we were abducted by some random taxi driver hahah! Well I can laugh about it now but NOT back then :S Honestly, it was a very scary experience till we were at the point where we thought we'll never get to see tomorrow no more!! It all happened maybe cuz we looked like we had no idea how to get to our hotel from the airport. So came these two Arab guys, dressed formally, with wireless headphones and a phone that rang almost all the time. He guided us to this elevator and yes, for a second there I felt like I was in a movie scene! I felt like I was being escorted by the FBI people hihi After that, not knowing how, we ended up being inside the van willingly! But once we were in the most uncomfortable van in whole Paris, we started to get anxious and my friend Biha was so angry at the driver (who can't even understand nor speak English -,-'). However, I thought we better off not shouting at the driver cuz only Allah knows if he has weapons (we were imagining guns at the moment!) with him. So we just prayed hard to Allah and alhamdulillah, we arrived at the hotel safely. Turned out we really buruk sangka the driver, but who won't, given how he drove like a mad man and the condition of his poor ventilated van. huhu
The horror van!
Later, everything went well alhamdulillah. We went to Marne La Valle to find some vintage things and get our dinner. We took a cab from our hotel to the place since we do not have a Metro Pass for our first day but taking a cab was a bit expensive over there, the metre runs faster than the ticking of seconds in a clock :S Nevertheless, we enjoyed the ride so much cuz suddenly we could appreciate good transportations after being in the horror van for almost 2 hours. Oh and the first cab we took in Paris was a Mercedes cab. Pretty classy huh? hihi

We arrived at Marne La Valle around 6pm-ish so the shops were closing apart from the restaurants and bars. However, we still managed to go to some vintage shops weeehoo! They sell old cloths, old handbags, vintage shoes, bracelets and so many other stuff. Most of the people we met there don't speak English so it was a bit hard for both sides to communicate hahah We end up speaking to each other like how children would but people there seemed to know we are Malaysians, maybe our faces has Malaisie written all over it. Here are some photos of us at streets of Marne La Valle

Evening in Marne La Valle
The first vintage shop we entered in Paris
Pening nak make sense :P hahah
Mmmm macaroons :')
My favourite view of the street 
We dine at a Japanese restaurant later that evening. It was so nice to have a decent meal after a long day. Yeah I know we should be trying French food especially on our first day but the tummy wants what the tummy wants hahah

Gelagat gelagat 

Fav picture of the day hahah
We took a cab back to our hotel from there. My friends and I agreed that this cab ride was the one of the best things that happened to us in Paris. The driver, Mustafa taught us some tricks about transportations in Paris and he even wrote down a few phrases in Paris just in case we need to communicate with people who refuses to speak in English. Mustafa was so nice to us :') Maybe he is an angel sent by Allah hiiihihi

If any of you are planning to visit Paris and would love to have some insight about their transportation, accommodations or anything I'd be more than happy to share more tips that I knew with you. Just leave a comment and inshaAllah I'll do my best to help! :D 

Okay, that would be the end of my first day in Paris, more posts to come, stay tuned! XOXO

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  1. Haha I didn't know you took that picture of me in the Sushi restaurant! :P Btw I want those macaroons! :3