Wednesday, 4 April 2012

1st Year Medicine BBQ Party

Hi and Assalamualaikum

How is everyone doing? I am doing fine so far, alhamdulillah. It's spring time over here in Cork but errr the weather is still in winter mode :S It's 8 degree today and the brutal wind keeps on slamming my window every now and then. Sabar je la hehe 
Before I went for my vacation in Paris, my classmates and I had a BBQ Party to celebrate the end of our first year medicine in UCC! Woohooooo one year done! Well not just yet I must remind myself that :P Although the classes are finished but we still have to sit for our exams in May hahaha Anyways back to the party , just right after our OSCE exam, everyone was getting ready to party all night long :P 

My girls looking so excited to go to the party! Unfortunately, we were among the last ones to arrive at the party -,-'' but yet we enjoyed our pre-party in the disco cab! The cab has disco lights, hahaha so much fun! 

Less food for the late comers :'( sob sob sob My girls and I had to share the last 3 chicken wings together. The chicken wings were so good! Even the Irish complimented the BBQ chicken prepared by the Malaysians.  Some of them even said maybe cuz its halal hahahah but it was technically due to early marination. The chefs marinated the chickens 24 hours prior to the party. Mmmm just imagine how the juicy BBQ chicken would taste like. HEAVEN! muahahaha


This is Kieran, I didn't realise he's that tall o.O'


Girls, we just wanna have fun! Woop woop 

We had so much fun singing along to the music and just eat whatever was there to eat! hahah

My favourite gang, Kevin, Amy and Anna. I love them so much! :D

More photos! Hope u're not feeling nausea seeing me in every pictures just yet cuz there are more to come hahahah :P

Kevin took a picture of himself when he shud've taken our group photo -,-'

Now, that's more like it! hihi

There you go! Muka pinggan Fathin Solhi ^,^

On the way back, took a cab with Iman, Bell, Izhar, Te en and Syaimeee

Te en so cute!

What a fun night! Get to just forget about the books for awhile and have some good time together. Proves that us doctors-to-be partying still know how to have fun!! hahahah This totally needs a song and I know just the right one for it ;) 



Let's stay young at hearts ! :D Till then, take care all. xoxo

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  1. Hehehe me likey! :P Omg I nak ayam bbq tu lagi bolehhhh :((( Hahaha