Monday, 31 December 2012

Au Revoir 2012

This would be my last post for 2012. Wow, just saying it out loud makes my tummy nervous. How time flies, feels like it was just yesterday I created this blog in January 2012 :) I had big dreams, to update my blog with all my travel posts but time has always been so tight and I am a lazy bum most of the time hehe I will improve inshaAllah! :P I learn so many things from this amazing year and time management would definitely be the biggest lesson next to money management! I feel that this New Year's Eve is a lil bit different, I feel older and a bit more matured. Experience is definitely the best teacher and I am greatly grateful to Him for granting me these unforgettable experiences.

For those who know me, they know how sentimental I am. I love to take pictures, to be in pictures and to look at pictures over and over again, even if it was taken like a century ago :P I love taking videos too, soaking up the memories as much as I could! One of my bestfriend said that I am a bit of a freak because I always want to show pictures in my fb or my phone to others when I am in the mood :P Well, that's one thing about me hihi So I think, I should make a special post just with my favourite pictures in it so that I could see them all in one page :) And the best part is, I could share those pictures with you too!

Since today is the last day of 2012, I should definitely make like a Top 12 unforgettable moments kindda post. So here goes! :)



1. First time in Paris
   One thing about me, I love France and everything about it. I love the language, I love the croissants, the musics, the sceneries, I could go on forever!! hahah It's like a dream come true to get the opportunity to leave my footsteps there :')

2.Travelling Around Italy
    Being in Italy with friends, for almost 2 weeks = TONS of memories and photos! I love to look back at these photos when I have nothing to do 

3. Cyi n Tih's Wedding and first time in Kelantan
    I remember being very happy and hyper for these lovebirds on their wedding day! They truly are perfect for each other :') As for Kelantan, I must say, that's prolly one of my favourite places in Malaysia mainly cuz the foods and language hehe Weddings are my favourite :)

4. Backpacking to Phi Phi Island 
    First time crossing the Malaysian border with my awesome uncle and aunties! I learned how to actually travel light backpackers style from them!

5. Eid with Family and Bestfriends
   Aidilfitri 2012 was different from the previous year. Being home for summer break after about 10 months abroad made me appreciate every ticking second on the clock. I finally realize the true value of having a lovely family and cool bestfriends, I am so grateful to have them all! They are all the better versions of me. 

 There will never be a moment without laughter when I am with these people. They are my life! :) Love love love!


6. First time meeting Rania Zara and spending time with her lovely family!
    I remember feeling VERY nervous before meeting Rania for the first time! hahah I've been following her updates since the beginning and it feels almost like a dream to actually see her cheeky smile before my eyes! She is the prettiest baby I've ever met :') I just hope she won't forget me cuz I wanna be bestfriends with her <3

Lovely girl!

Kak Yana's birthday dinner! Miss these moments with them, I really love this family :)
    This is the first family other than my biological one that I've grown very attached to and I am so grateful to have the chance to be their lil sister since I have always wonder how it feels like to have elder brothers and sisters. Love you guys so much! 

7. Yosenabe time
   Yosenabe is the only restaurant my family and I stick to my entire 20 years of life! We will definitely go there at least once a year (at most countless times in a year) :P It's a steamboat kind of place but it has a special touch to it since we keep it a ritual to go there every year. I've grown to know the owners so well that I even called her before leaving to Ireland! We are considered family I guess hihi So lucky I get to go there during my summer break <3

8. Breaking Dawn part 2 finally in theatres 
    One of my happy days :') 

Sayonara Twilight Saga, it's been a pleasure growing up with you :) Team Edward forever!

9. Moved into a new house
  More space for me to move around and it feel more homey! Just what I needed :)

10. Enjoyed Amazing Foods All Year Through!
   I love to spend on good food (just whenever I have extra money)! The good food spikes would prolly be during my summer break in Malaysia and when I go to vacations hihi Happy tummy makes a happy me :)

... and more!

11. Getting a S3 as my birthday present from my lovely family and bestfriends 
    Never in my wildest dream I ever thought I could ever get a phone, let alone a smartphone for my birthday! This is the first phone that I didn't buy myself :') Thanks to my bestfriend, he arranged and get everyone together to make this happen. Thanks a million guys! You know who you are :) I bring it everywhere and I use it for everything even as a mirror! hihihi 

12. Wrapping up 2012 with a long holiday in London
       My bestfriends and I were in London from 19th December til 30th December. Yep I know, that's damn long for a holiday hihihi A whole saga about my trip to London will be posted next year, inshaAllah (macam la lama sgt next year tu) :P It was my second time there and alhamdulillah we did more stuff than our last visit! 


Writing this blog makes me look back and smile at the opportunities Allah has given me. Opportunity to have a loving family, awesome bestfriends and endless sustenance. May my new year be filled with gratitude to keep me grounded, unconditional love from my family and friends and a more meaningful life as a Muslim. InshaAllah, after all life is nothing but a dream. So, enjoy while it lasts and don't forget to keep on trying to work for our after-life. 

It's less than an hour till midnight! I should prolly stop now. See you guys next year :P hihi Take care!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! xoxo

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