Thursday, 3 January 2013

Revisiting London

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share about my experience spending the last days of 2012 with my friends in London. We were there for 10 days! There were many ups and downs but hey, life's challenging like that. Might as well look at the bright side ey? :D

On the first day, Bella and I started the journey to the airport at about 7 am in the morning just to spare us more time before our departure at 9am. I almost overslept cause I didn't hear the alarm ringing nor Bell's incoming texts. Yikes! Luckily Bell decided to come over and she knocked the hell out of my front door! hahah I remember waking up thinking there's bombing outside my house :P Thanks Bell!

We weighed our bags that morning to make sure they are within the 10 kg limit. Ryan Air is a bit tight regarding baggages. Besides that, we are just allowed to bring just one carry-on meaning we need to stuff our handbag into our cabin luggage and make sure it doesn't exceed 10 kg -,- Lame right? Here's more info regarding their baggage restrictions (Ryan Air Baggage F.A.Q)

The flight took less than 2 hours. We arrived at Gatwick Airport and Nell was there, waiting for us at the Arrival gate! That situation reminded me when I was home for summer break and seeing my family at the Arrival gate in KLIA. I love to see familiar faces when I walk through the gate :P 

Then we took the Gatwick Express to go to Victoria Station. We pre-booked the tickets and retrieved them at the airport. All you need is just the card you used to make the payment. Pop in the card in the machine and your card will be printed immediately. Convenient right? :)  Here's where you can book the tickets (Gatwick Express

From Victoria Station you can go to almost everywhere! We bought a one-week pass for the first 7 days. You can buy the tickets at the station, they say it's cheaper there. I am not really sure about that :/ We bought the 7 days pass cause it's cheaper that way. Daily pass would be £7, try multiplying it with 7 but with a 7days pass you just need to pay £29.+ For the remaining 3 days, we had to buy a daily pass for each day. This ticket allows you to take any train and buses within zone 1 and 2 (where most attractions are located) Make sure you buy the 7 days pass on the day you want to start using it. We bought ours on the day we decided to sleep in and unfortunately, we wasted one day huhu Oh and bring a passport size picture with you or you'll have to waste £5 just on that like we did. They need that picture to make the 7 days pass. 

Muka menyesal kena bazir £5
The moment I was in the station, I felt like my memories lead my steps and I realized that I was there last year! One thing about that station that made me jump up and down is this one shop, Delice de France!! I straight away searched for it and found it! I was so happy I get to eat my favourite mushroom and cheese croissant again on my first day there :') 

Happy girl!

We stayed at easyHotel Victoria for the first 6days. More about it at my friend's blog, click here :) Bella's blog! One thing about this hotel, we need to book the room online. The receptionist doesn't take any form of cash just reservation number. So make sure you book it first :D The price range is reasonable and the room is really comfortable even for us budget travellers. Check them out! (EasyHotel

Now done with the informative post. The next coming posts will have more pictures I promise! :D

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