Friday, 4 January 2013

I've Met The Stars

This part is definitely one of the highlights of our visit! We bought a package of London Eye + Madame Tussauds from a website, it's cheaper than buying the individual tickets. Why spend more when you can get the same thing for a cheaper price? :) Here's the link, there are many types of combination tickets that you can choose from depending on your preference.(Combination Tickets) We bought a morning ticket to avoid the crowd so that we could spend more time taking pictures with the wax figures :P

To our surprise, in the underground station, just right next to the main exit towards Madame Tussauds, there's this one halal shop that sells croissants, briyani rice and chicken curry. We had our early lunch there. The foods were yummy! That would probably be one of my favourite things about London, you can find halal food almost everywhere.

So after our lunch, we headed straight to Madame Tussauds!

Wooooohoo! Let's go in!

Once you step out the lift, you'll feel like a star! hahah

Handsome? Exactly hihi

Jack!!! You are alive :')

She's the prettiest one in there! and thanks for the awesome photobombing yeah you back there -,-

'' Me? Pretty woman?? Aww you're too kind, Julia" :P

Paparazzi time! 

What are you looking at over there?

Mama's favourite, Madhuri Dixit! 

Tea time with Audrey :)

E.T phone home :3

SHREKK! People used to call me Shrek back in the days, some still do!
 So happy I finally get to hug you :D

''Taylor is here, time to take a group photo !''

One with the Royal Family

Michael Jackson, me loves you! R.I.P


My favourite photo <3 I didn't know that Elvis was so good looking! No wonder girls back then were all crazy for him ;)

Gosh Gaga, I want your hips!

Calm your abs, Hulk!!

Matching red with Iron Man

Oh Captain America *melts*

Included with the ticket was a 4D short movie pass. It was really cool! The movie was about the superheroes saving London. The best part would be when Hulk clapped his hands and wind came out of nowhere as if we were in front of him :P

The legendary Madame Tussauds :) Thanks for your brilliant idea!

 Just before we walked out of the amazing Madame Tussauds, I saw this dude holding this flyer. Who should they make next? I would love to have my own wax :3 hahahah 
Dream on, tin 

Duhh?? Me!

Finally bid our farewells to the stars and head home. 

Going in there really needs a lot of energy, you'll get very excited and the picture taking part was really tiring! You won't realize it when you're in there, it's when you're outside all the tiredness will come to surface -,-' It was a great day with my awesome stars, Bell and Nell ^_^


  1. I lived in London for 4 years from 2002 - 2008. It truly is an amazing place. But I'm jealous of you since you got to see so many wax statues that weren't there at my time! Haha! Nice pictures! :)

    I'm new to this blogging thing, so I followed, would love for you to follow back! :)

    1. hahah thanks dear. come back to london! There's justin bieber too if you are into him :D I'm your follower now , welcome to blogging world , keep in touch !

    2. Haha! I am! He's is HOT. I'll be coming there, hopefully next Summer! :)
      Idk, I didn't get any follow from you :S