Thursday, 3 January 2013

Great things come when least expected

The first place we explored in London was Chatime! We each had our Pearl Milk Tea, I ordered large :P I must say, all the navigations were made easy thanks to my birthday gift, my s3! Google maps are awesome :) Just type in Chatime London and with just one click, you'll get to know which underground train to take plus estimated time of arrival too hihi 

With Pearl Milk Tea down our systems, we continued our journey! 

Next stop : Chinatown! We wanted to have our picture taken at the famous Chinatown gate and see if there's any Malaysian food available there. So here's the result!

Les Miserables 

Huge souvenir shop! 

Cutest beetle in the world!

Gosh! Mama would go mad seeing all these souvenirs!

I wanted to buy this lunch box :( but I'm sparing my luggage for boxing day

See what we found!! :D 

Girls wanna have fun

Let it be, let it be :)

We did found a Malaysian restaurant but I forget to take a picture of it. The restaurant's name is Rasa Sayang and it's just right beside the big Chinatown gate :)

The next part of the evening was really unplanned, see the next post if you want to find out :P

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